Google is soon making YouTube a shopping hub

youtube shopping hub

Users will soon be able to shop online on Youtube. Google is building a large shopping hub on its video-sharing platform Youtube. Google is preparing to create a shopping platform on YouTube to challenge Amazon and Flipkart. Online shopping is in trend and business booming around the world, due to the Corona epidemic.

Google does not want to miss this opportunity, Google also wants to take advantage of this. That’s why Google is trying to make YouTube a big shopping hub. Users will now be able to select gadgets, mobiles and other items for sale online on Youtube. Creators on YouTube will be able to tag and track the product feature in their clips using the Youtube software. The data will then be linked to Google using analytics and shopping tools.

Purchase Products by Youtube link

Youtube will create a video category for the product. The product will be listed for sale in the video category. The customer can purchase the product by clicking on the link in the QR product category. The company is also testing the Shopify platform. A Youtube spokesperson said that the shopping feature is being tested on YouTube. The company claims that the products available for sale in the YouTube shopping hub will be controlled by the manufacturer. The company has recently started this project as an experiment.

The Corona epidemic has caused a downturn in business worldwide, affecting Google’s advertising business. Revenue in the advertising business is sure to decline this year. Meanwhile, online business is booming, e-commerce companies are making a profit. Google is also preparing to build a shopping platform and is trying to make Youtube a great shopping destination.

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