How to Register Your Name in the Voters List Online?

voters name online

The election commission has developed a new online registration system for the upcoming election. Now you can register your name on voters list online. Until now people used to visit the nearest election commission office and register their names for voting.

Now it is going to be easy because the election commission is launching an online platform for the voters to register or update their names. All the details can be filled out from home for voting registration.

Online system is ready to launch but we have to wait for few days. The system is ready and pre-listing is in the final stages.

Biometric Voters Registration System (BVRS

Currently, registration is being done through Biometric Voters Registration System (BVRS) and the ​​system is being upgraded. With this system workload of the election commission offices is expected to be reduced by 70%.

Register your name on voters list online

A simple and easy system has been developed for voter name registration and updating. With the help of this software, you can register or update your details from your mobile.

To register, you need to upload the required documents along with the details online. After this the registration number will be available on the applicant’s mobile. You will have to go to the concerned election office with the same number. Voter registration is completed after verification from the biometric system.

Now, the people will no longer have to go to the District Election Office, District Administration Office, and Area Administration Office for registration and update their names for voters list. According to the commission, Rs 1.7 million has been spent to develop the online system.

Should voters need to visit the office?

The process of registering at the office has been removed, but you have to visit the concerned office once for biometric verification.

After the Election Commission completes all the preparation, the online system will be open for all the voters. It will be very easy to register and update the name online.

Once the voter registration starts online, people can save time and the pressure in the concerned office will be reduced by 70%. The necessary system for voter registration has been already completed now pre-listing is in the final stages.

Now the wait is over, fill in your details from the home, visit the election commission once, that’s it. You are eligible for the vote now.