List of useful Shortcodes of NTC, Ncell & Smart cell – 2020

USSD shortcodes Ncell

Useful Shortcodes NCELL

Ncell is the second largest Telecom company in Nepal. With approximately 290 million subscribers and millions of dollar in revenue, Ncell is a privately owned telecom company, which is owned by Axiata Group . It is working in Nepal since 2004 and expanded coverage almost all over the country. Ncell has various data and voice packs, which can be activated with useful shortcodes.

As a Ncell customer, You should know some useful USSD shortcodes. Shortcodes are very important, you can activate or deactivate any service using USSD shortcodes. Ncell has a bunch of shortcodes which is in operation.

useful shortcodes

These are the most important USSD shortcodes of Ncell, which you must know.

  • Ncell how to check balance
  • How to check own Ncell Number
  • How to transfer balance in Ncell
  • How to check Sim owner in Ncell
  • how to get loan in ncell
  • How to Purchase Ncell data packs
  • How to purchase Ncell voice packs
  • and more shortcodes are in the list below.
To Check own Ncell Number*103# or *903#Dial
To Check Your Ncell Sim Owner Name ?*9966#Dial
To Check Ncell Balance*101# or *901#Dial
To transfer balance in Ncell*17122*Mobile number*Rs.#Dial
To take Ncell loan*9988#Dial
To know date and time*104# or *904#Dial
To buy Ncell Data Pack*17123# or *123# and follow instructionDial
To buy Ncell voice pack*17118# and follow instructionDial
To buy SMS Pack*1119#Dial
To activate PRBT service*9208#Dial
To activate Roaming service in Ncell*12127# Dial
To get Internet Setting in NcellType All and send to 9595SMS

Useful Short Codes NTC

Nepal telecom company (NTC) is Nepal’s largest telecom operator. Same as Ncell, it also has millions of subscribers and revenue in millions. NTC has upgraded 4G service and providing cheap data and voice packs. You can activate and deactivate those multiple services of NTC with USSD shortcodes, which is mention below.

As NTC users, You must know some useful USSD shortcodes

  • How to check NTC balance
  • How to check own number in ntc
  • How to transfer balance in NTC
  • How to get security code in Ntc
  • How to check sim owner in Ntc
  • how to take loan in ntc
  • How to know the latest offers.

How to take loan in NTC?

NTC has a Namaste credit facility, which gives you uses credit depends on the base of recharge frequency/amount and SIM age. To activate namaste credit prepaid users should be using Prepaid sim for 3 and more months. Once the service started, You can get from Rs. 5 up to Rs. 20 credit.

  • To activate namaste credit: Type ‘START‘ and Send SMS to 1477
  • To check credit status: Type ‘STATUS and Send SMS to 1477
  • To deactivate namaste credit: Type ‘STOP’ and Send SMS to 1477

To Know Latest Offers *1415#Dial
To Check Mobile Balance*400#Dial
To Check own Number in NTC*9#Dial
To Check Your SIM Owner*922#Dial
To Activate – Call Forward**21*98xxxxxxxx*Number#Dial
To Cancel Call Forward##002#Dial
To Activate – Call Waiting*43#Dial
To Cancel – Call Waiting#43#Dial
To Balance Transfer *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*Rs.#Dial
To Security CodeSCODE and Send to 1415SMS
To Activate ISD on postpaid#331*0000#Dial
To Deactivate ISD on postpaid*331*0000#Dial
To Activate CRBTSUB to 1455SMS
To Deactivate CRBTUnsub to 1455SMS
To activate – NAMASTE CREDITSTART to 1477SMS
To deactivate – NAMASTE CREDIT STOP to 1477SMS
To Activate MCA*1400*1#Dial
To Deactivate MCA*1400*2#Dial
To Activate FNFFNFSUB9841xxxxxx to 1415SMS
To ADD FNF serviceFNFADD01488xxxx to 1415SMS
To get PUK codesend PUK to 1415SMS

NTC – Landline, ADSL, FTTH

LandlineBill InquiryCB*01488xxxx  to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Offer ValidityVL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Balance InquiryBL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS

NTC – Inquiry and Complain Shortcodes

Landline Telephone Repair198Dial
Landline Number Inquiry197Dial
MobileCustomer Support1498Dial

Useful shortcodes of Smart cell

Smart cell is another telecom company, which is rising very quickly. Within a short time Period, the company has a large number of customers. it stands third in the list of telecom companies in Nepal. Since 2008, smart has expanded across 45 districts in Nepal.

Like other telecom companies, Smart also has a bunch of USSD shortcodes for activating and deactivating the service they offered. Here are some, You must know.

  • how to check balance in smart
  • how to check own mobile number in smart
  • how to transfer balance in smart cell
  • how to recharge smart number
  • how to purchase data packs in smart
  • how to take loan in smart cell
  • recharge for other Smart numbers
  • how to purchase VOICE PACK in smart
  • and much more USSD codes below, you must know
To check balance in smart*123#Dial
To know your own Mobile number*134#Dial
To Balance transfer in smart to smart*131*Mobile number*Rs.*123456#Dial
To recharge smart number*122*Pin#Dial
To recharge for other Smart numbers*120*PIN*Mobile number#Dial
To purchase DATA PACK*141*3#Dial
To purchase VOICE PACK*141*1#Dial
To purchase SMS PACK*141*2#Dial
To activate IVR SERVICE*141#Dial
To call CUSTOMER CARE4242Dial
To Check- Date & Time*124#Dial
To Call Me Back Request*151*Mobile Number#Dial
To Credit Me Request*152*Mobile number*Amount#Dial
To take Loan in Smart cell*129*40#Dial
To Language Selection*126#Dial
To activate – MISSED CALL ALERT*172# Dial
To activate – MISSED CALL ALERT Send ‘SUB’ to 4270SMS
To deactivate – MISSED CALL ALERTSend ‘UNSUB’ to 4270SMS