Nepali Unicode Tool | Typing in Nepali with Unicode Converter

Typing in Nepali is very easy now with the Unicode tool. Now no need to remember to complicated Nepali Keyboard. Here you can try Nepali Unicode Tool. Nepali Unicode Converter is the easiest way to type in Nepali using Romanized Nepali text. Typing Nepali is easy with this Unicode tool, try it Now.

Type in Nepali with Unicode Tool

Many portals are available on the internet with English to Nepali Unicode Tools for free. You can easily convert Nepali texts in seconds with these tools. Nepali Unicode is supported in Chat, email, messenger, Facebook, and all over the internet.

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What is Nepali Unicode ?

Nepali Unicode is a unique code to display Nepali font or character. This is a very useful tool that converts Roman English to Nepali Unicode. If you don’t have the skill of typing Nepali fonts, this is the easiest way to convert Nepali by roman english.

Unicode Tips

  • ka=, kha=, na=, Na=, ta=, Ta=, Tha=, da=, sh =, Sha = , gya=ज्ञ
  • nepalko =नेपाल्को, nepal/ko = नेपालको (Use / to seperate letters)
  • mero naam {Hari} ho = मेरो नाम Hari हो (Use curly {} brackets to combine english word)


  • sa*bidhaan = संबिधान
  • nepali yunikoD = नेपाली युनिकोड
  • bireThaa**Ti = बिरेठाँटी
  • kyaarekTar = क्यारेक्टर
  • sa\watantrataa = स्वतन्त्रता
  • aarughat = आरुघाट
  • sa/mjh/na = सम्झना

Some Special characters

ri^ = रि (as in प्र)
rr= र्‍ (as in गर्‍य)
rri = ऋ
rree = ॠ
yna = ञ
chha = छ
ksha =क्ष
gya =ज्ञ
* = अनुस्वर
** = चन्द्रबिन्दु
om = ॐNa = ण

Preeti to Unicode Converter

You can Convert Nepali Unicode instantly by typing Preeti font below. This tool is one of the easiest ways to convert Unicode with Preeti font, try it here.