TV Tax In Nepal Airport | Customs Duty For LCD/LED TV in Nepal

TV taxes in nepal airport

Are you returning to Nepal from abroad? thinking of bringing LCD / LED TV when you return to Nepal? If so, you may be looking for information on how much customs duty is charged on LCD / LED Television. Here you will know information about TV tax in Nepal.

Today we will give you information about how much customs duty you have to pay when you bring LCD / LED TV from abroad.

If you are abroad and coming back to Nepal with LCD or LED TV, read this article entirety, it will be very useful for you. Apart from this, you will also get information about what items you can bring from abroad and how much customs duty is charged.

Any Nepali national living and working abroad for more than 12 months are allowed to bring 1 television up to 32 inches without paying tax. The TV can be of any price or any brand and it can be just normal TV, LCD, Smart TV, LED, 3D or Curved TV.

You will be informed about the customs duty of TV, watch the full video

Every brand and sizes of Televisions are available in Nepal. LCD / LED televisions of common things these days, all kinds, brands, and sizes are available in the cities. Nepalese are still bringing TVs from abroad as it would be cheaper to bring from abroad and they would lifetime memory of working abroad.

Especially many Nepali brothers who work in the Gulf countries have been bringing TV. The government also has given the facility to Nepalis who return after working abroad for more than one year can bring a TV up to 32 inches without any customs duty.

Most of the people who come from abroad want to bring LED TV but they may not know about the customs duties on television. The government has set different fees for Nepalese according to the size of the TV the bring.

If you have been working abroad for more than a year, you can bring a 32-inch TV once without paying customs duty. Those who return after working for less than a year will have to pay customs duty even if they bring a 32-inch TV.

The tariffs for TVs ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches are mentioned on the customs website. You can watch the video above for detailed information on customs duty on TVs. Or you will find all the TV tax in Nepal information in the list below.

Size (inch)Price (NPR)DutyCustom Service TaxTotal Duty
32NPR 26,181NPR 14,400NPR 565NPR 14,965
33NPR 33,000NPR 18,150NPR 565NPR 18,715
34NPR 34,000NPR 18,700NPR 565NPR 19,265
35NPR 35,000NPR 19,250NPR 565NPR 19,815
36NPR 36,000NPR 19,800NPR 565NPR 20,365
37NPR 37,000NPR 20,350NPR 565NPR 20,915
38NPR 38,000NPR 20,900NPR 565NPR 21,465
39NPR 39,000NPR 21,450NPR 565NPR 22,015
40NPR 43,635NPR 24,000NPR 565NPR 24,565
41NPR 44,727NPR 24,600NPR 565NPR 25,165
42NPR 45,818NPR 25,200NPR 565NPR 25,765
43NPR 46,909NPR 25,800NPR 565NPR 26,365
44NPR 48,000NPR 26,400NPR 565NPR 26,965
45NPR 49,091NPR 27,000NPR 565NPR 27,565
46NPR 50,182NPR 27,600NPR 565NPR 28,165
47NPR 51,272NPR 28,200NPR 565NPR 28,765
48NPR 52,363NPR 28,800NPR 565NPR 29,365
49NPR 53,454NPR 29,400NPR 565NPR 29,965
50NPR 113,636NPR 62,500NPR 565NPR 63,065
51NPR 115,909NPR 63,750NPR 565NPR 64,315
52NPR 118,182NPR 65,000NPR 565NPR 65,565
53NPR 120,455NPR 66,250NPR 565NPR 66,815
54NPR 122,727NPR 67,500NPR 565NPR 68,065
55NPR 125,000NPR 68,750NPR 565NPR 69,315
58NPR 131,818NPR 72,500NPR 565NPR 73,065
60NPR 136,363NPR 75,000NPR 565NPR 75,565
65NPR 147,727NPR 81,250NPR 565NPR 81,815
TV tax in Nepal