How to transfer share from one Demat to another? Watch Video

How to transfer share from one Demat to another

Have you applied for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of a company? If you have applied for an IPO, you must have been allotted an IPO share. Everyone from minors to old people can apply for IPO by opening their demat account. Similarly, after opening Demat, shares can also be bought from the secondary market. After IPO allotment, the shares are credited to the Demat account. Here will tell you How to transfer those share from one Demat to another.

The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has made a rule that everyone can open a Demat account so that everyone can participate in the IPO. Any IPO can be filled by opening a Demat account of each member of the household. Similarly, there is a rule that a person can open up to 2 Demat accounts, for the same reason many people have opened 2 Demat accounts and traded shares. Similarly, the Demat account of a family member is allotted when applying for IPO. Do you know how to transfer shares allotted to a family member from one Demat to another? Or how to transfer shares from your own 2 Demat accounts to one account? How to transfer the share to the rightful Demat in case of the death of the share Owner?

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You will find all these things here. We will give you the full information on how to transfer share from one Demat to another, in many conditions.

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