Top 7 Social Media Platform of 2020 | You should use

Social media platform

When it comes to social media Facebook comes to everyone’s mind. Billions of people from the world are engaged with Facebook. Most of the people in the world use Facebook. Facebook owns some most popular social media sites like Instagram, and WhatsApp. Besides Facebook, there are many other social media platforms available that billion of people engaged with. Here we have list of Top 7 Social Media Platform, you should use.

Different social media have different specialties and importance. Social media Nowadays Social media is connecting the world. Social media is the best platform for business while others use it for social life. Many people use social media for different purposes. You should have these Top 7 social media platform profiles which will benefits you.

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Top 7 Social Media Platform

Facebook is the most commonly used platform in the world. Company reported almost 1.62 billion users daily active on the platform. Overall, daily active users accounted for 66 percent of monthly active users. With over 2.45 billion monthly active users on Facebook . Launched in 2004, the speciality of Facebook is to connect users together.


This photo-sharing app, which represents Facebook, was launched in 2010. Instagram is very popular among young people, celebrities and brand companies. Instagram is most popular social media platform in recent days. Photo sharing platform Instagram reported 500 million daily active Stories users worldwide,


The microblogging site tweeter is a fast and widely used social network in the world. More than 320 Million users have been active on twitter. Mostly this app is used by celebrities and politicians. Followers can directly follow any celebrity or brand or anyone on this platform. It started in 2006.

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Linkedin is another most popular social media platform. which was founded in 2003. It has more than 630 million users all over the world. Linkedin has more than 303 million active million monthly, 177 million users from the United States alone. This platform is popular among business personal and professional people. It makes anyone connect with the business and professionals.


Snapchat has launched in 2011, it has daily users 203 million. It is one of the popular social media, where millions of people engaged every day. This app is very interesting. Active users who use this app are older than 13 years old.


Pinterest was launched in 2010. Photo sharing social media Pinterest has 291 million active users daily worldwide. We can create a board on Pinterest and promote our work and share. We can share any topic on this platform.


Social platform Reddit Launched in 2005. Reddit is considered as the popular social media of the Internet. According to Alexa ranking, Reddit is at the top 6. It has more than 500,000 communities added, and 430 million active monthly users.