TikTok app banned in Pakistan, PTA says inappropriate content

tiktok banned

The video-sharing app Tiktok is banned in Pakistan. This popular app is banned in Pakistan due to its large number of immoral, indecent and obscene content. Pakistan’s telecom authority has warned Chinese company Tiktok to take action on such content. But after the company took no action on those warnings and complaints, the app was banned by the Pakistani government.

The Telecommunications Authority had received a large number of complaints that Tiktok contained immoral, indecent and obscene nude content. The Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said it had issued an order to block the Tiktok app based on public complaints received from the community.

According to reports, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had urged the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to make the Internet, social media and apps free of pornographic content. The PTA then banned five dating apps, including Tiktok. Such apps have been accused of spreading nudity and homosexuality.

Earlier, India had also ban the Tiktok app. After the clash between India and China, India banned Tiktok and many other Chinese apps.

The US government recently asked Tiktok to sell its US business. Otherwise, it would be banned in the United States. The popular Chinese app is still banned in many countries around the world. The app is becoming popular all over the world and is being banned in many countries.