Tiktok surpassed Google & Facebook, Here are some interesting facts


Tiktok app has become the most visited website, after surpassing the giant websites like Google, Facebook & Youtube. According to a report by Internet cloud infrastructure company Cloud Flare Inc., Tiktok.com is the most visited website in the world.

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Tiktok has surpassed giant websites like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube. According to the report, Tiktok is the only non-US website in the top 10 most visited websites.

Tiktok has over one billion monthly users from around the world. Here are the top 10 most visited websites:

  1. TikTok.com
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Microsoft.com
  5. Apple.com
  6. Amazon.com
  7. Netflix.com
  8. YouTube.com
  9. Twitter.com
  10. WhatsApp.com


How Tiktok users make money?

Tiktok has become most popular app in a short time. Apart of it, Nowadays we have also heard a lot of creators are making money from tiktok. You may also be wondering how tiktok users make money.

Tiktok users gift Tiktok coins to live streamers. Those coins can be purchased from Tiktok by paying dollars. These gift you give to live streamers is known as Diamond. The coin gifted to the live streaming creator turns into a diamond.

Diamonds fetch only 50% of the value of a coin. The gift coin is converted into dollars and deposited into the content creator account. Then at the end of month, Tiktok makes payment to content creator. This is how Tiktok users make money by live stream.

What is Tiktok Coin?

Tiktok Coin is a currency within Tiktok app. Which has to be bought by paying dollars. Live Content creators are supported on Tiktok by gifting these coins during live streaming.

Coins may have different prices depending on the prevailing exchange rate. All ownership of it remains with the tiktok company.

How much does a Tiktok coin cost in Nepal?

Since you have to buy coins in exchange for dollars, the price of a tiktok coin also varies. The change in the market price of the dollar also changes the coins exchange rate.

If you are also tiktok users and looking to buy tiktok coins, here is the information for you. At present, the price of Tiktok Coin (in US dollars) in Nepal is as follows

  • 100 Coins – Rs. 156.26
  • 500 coins – Rs. 786.06
  • 2000 coins – Rs. 3268.99
  • 5000 coins – Rs. 6781.44
  • 10,000 coins – Rs. 16,349.81