Techpana’s New Website is Launched on the Occasion of 3rd Anniversary

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Techpana, a Nepali portal providing technology-related news and updates online, has today soft-launched its new website. It is one of the popular technology websites in Nepal.

The company held a program on the occasion of its third anniversary and soft launched the new website. Techpana Online P is operated by Techpana Media Pvt Ltd.

The news portal, which has been prepared with a new UI and UX, covers telecommunications, internet, gadgets, startups, cyber security, social networks, and IT education and training in separate sections on the home page.

Similarly, blogs, opinions and interviews, digital payments, electric vehicles, tips, markets, profile stories, science and technology, word knowledge, and eSports are also categorized.

In the new website, a feature has been added to compare the features and prices of materials and packages including mobiles, smartwatches, AirPods, televisions, electric vehicles, voice and data.

It is believed that this will make it easier for users to select products and packages that are suitable for them. In the future, it is aimed to provide the facility to order packages and materials from Tekpana’s website.