T6 Projector Review | Best Budget Projector for Movies under 15K

t6 projector review

Hey guys, looking for the cheap and best budget projector for your home entertainment? Here we have come up with a cheap and best T6 projector review for you. There are many projectors available in the market, but T6 is the best budget projector for movies at home.

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Under the 15k budget, T6 has become our first choice, which is good in many ways. This cheap projector will give you the pleasure of cinema hall at home. Actually, T6 is a Chinese projector, but it is sold by many companies under their own branding.

T6 Projector Review

This projector is good enough if you want to enjoy movies at home. But if you are looking for a data presentation, do not buy this projector. Because the visual in the four corners of the screen is somewhat blurred. T6 is a 1280 × 720p HD ready projector. However, it can easily play 1080p full HD video, but the picture quality will be 720p.

t6 projector

T6 can display large screens up to 30 inches – 200 inches from a distance of 1-4 meters. The picture quality is good enough in terms of price. T6 comes with 3500 lumens, which is brighter enough than other budget projectors in the same price range.

According to the company, the lamp life is 30,000 hours. That means you can project movies and enjoy for 30,000 hours continuously. Even if you use a projector for 6 hours a day, this projector will run smoothly for 13 years.

This projector is made of high-quality plastic and it is available in different colours. Sleek design, good finish and higher lumens is the key feature of this projector. On the front side, the projector has a sliding lens cover. The projector can be turned on and off easily by sliding the lens cover. Similarly, on the left side of the projector, there is a home menu, select button, volume up-down, buttons. On the left side, there is an HDMI port, audio in-out and two USB ports.

T6 has a decent cooling fan with loudspeakers inside. Similarly, VGA port and AC input is given on the back. Projector remote sensors are available on the front and back. There is a focus ring to adjust the screen sharpness and manual keystone correction available.

Where is T6 available to buy?

T6 Projector is available on many online shopping sites. Some of them are daraz.com, sastodeal.com. Just go to those sites and search T6 projectors. This projector is available in Smart and non-Smart both. You can buy any of it according to your budget and interest. Just buy this projector and make your home cinema hall. isn’t this quite exciting?

Key Features – T6 Projector

  • Great low Budget Projector: Ideal Choice For Home Cinema Experience, the great product on the low budget projector.
  • Good For Home Cinema: T6 is good for home cinema, movies & video games, not good for data presentations, like PDF, Excel, Text files.
  • Powerful Connectivity: Connect with laptops, USB drives, DVD players, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and Xbox, HDMI adapter.
  • HD video quality: T6 is a 720p HD-ready projector. It can play up to 1080p video but projection quality will be 720p.
  • Large Screen Size: T6 projector can project a clear and bright large screen between 30-200 inches, with a projection distance of 1.0-4m.
  • Quieter Cooling system: T6 projector’s cooling fan is quieter and cooler than ever.
  • Sleek, attractive, and Durable: T6 is made of high-quality plastic in different colours, slim and unique designs with sliding lens cover.
  • Better Lamp Life: It comes with 30,000 hours of led lamp life. The playtime of the projector can be longer for many years.
  • Brighter Images: T6 has come up with 3500 Lumens brightness, it is enough for home use and cinema experiences.
  • Keystone Correction: T6 come up with Keystone correction for a better image experience.