Subisu Offer: 25 Mbps Internet and Full HD Channels at Subisu offertunity

One of Nepal’s leading cable television, Internet and network service provider Subishu Cablenet. Company has a new subisu offer for customer called subisu offertunity. Subisu has offered high-speed internet with clear tv for reasonable price of 1040. Company has offered two plans for its customer, First one is the internet with clear HD tv offertunity and second is clear tv offertunity to its customers on the occasion of the company’s 19th anniversary. Company named it as Subisu Offertunity offer.

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Under this offer, subscribers will get 25 Mbps Internet and Full TV package (more than 95 HD channels, more than 275 channels) just for Rs 1040 per month. This offer can get for 15 months of payment.

subisu offer with internet

Likewise, you will get the Clear TV Package (more than 245 channels, more than 65 HD channels) only for Rs 221. Offer can be obtained for up to 6 months of payment. In addition, customers will receive a free package for Dami Music for 3 months. which includes more than 20,000 Nepali songs.

Subisu has come up with this offer, with the intention of sharing happiness among customers with its 19th anniversary. Offer will be applicable for a limited period only if the terms and conditions apply.