Singati Hydro IPO Result Date | How to check Allotment

singati hydro ipo result date

Singati Hydro Energy Ltd (SHEL) IPO allotment is going to happen this week. The allotment is scheduled to take place on Friday. However, the Singati Hydro IPO result date is yet to be formally announced. According to sales manager Mega Capital, IPO allotment is planned to be held on Friday, Chaitra 27. According to the sales manager, pre-allotment is planned for Wednesday, and allotment is planned for Friday.

Singati Hydro Energy’s IPO has received 9 times more applications than demand, so it will have to rely on luck to get IPO shares. Therefore, due to high volume of applicants on Singti Hydro, the shares will be allotted through a lucky draw. A total of Rs 2.46 billion has been applied for the company IPO. 16 lakh 35 thousand 537 people have applied for 246 lakh 65 thousand 640 units. This is 9.34 times more than the demand.

Singti Hydro has issued 2.694 million IPO shares to the public. Based on this, it is seen that 264,000 applicants will get IPO shares at the rate of 10 units. But more than 1.371 million 537 people will be deprived of getting IPO. Singati had issued a total of 2.9 million IPO shares at the rate of Rs 100 from Chaitra 6 to 10.

How to check Singati Hydro IPO Result?

Singati Hydro result date is confirmed. The IPO allotment of Singati Hydro will be concluded on Friday ( Chaitra 27 ). IPO results can be checked with these four websites. 1) CDSC IPO result Website (2) Mega Capital IPO Result (3) Singati Hydro website (4) Mero Share account.

1) IPO Result from CDSC Website

CDSC has launched a new website for publishing IPO result only. Investors can check all the IPO results on this website. The website is designed to handle the IPO results of millions of Nepalese investors, they can check IPO results quickly and securely.

ipo result check
  • Type on Browser, Press enter.
  • Select the company Name
  • Enter your 16 digit BOID number and click the View Result button.
  • Now, You will get the result, Allotted or not.

2) Result With Mega Capital Website

ipo result jyoti life
  • Go to Mega Capital official website.
  • Go to IPO result Page
  • Select the Company Name
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Enter your Demat Account ( BOID number)
  • Then, Press the Submit button.
  • That’s it, check the result, Allotted or not.

3) Click Your IPO result by Meroshare

  • Login to Mero Share account
  • Go to My ASBA page
  • Click to Application Report Page
  • Select a company and Click the report button
  • Check allotted or not.
  • Now, You can see the result.

4) Result with Singati Hydropower Website

  • Go to Singati Hydropower official website
  • Go to IPO result Page
  • Enter your Demat Number
  • Then, Press the Search or Click button.
  • That’s it, check the result, Allotted or not.

The company had set aside 58,000 units for employees and 145,000 units for mutual funds, while the remaining 264,000 units were open for sale to the public. The IPO has been given a ‘Care NP BB- issuer rating’ by credit rating agency Care Nepal. The rating indicates that the company’s ability to bear financial obligations is moderate.