Shark Tank Nepal | Every Thing You Should know about it.

shark tank nepal

If you are a startup owner or an entrepreneur, here is the good news for you. Shark Tank Nepal is going to air soon. Raising the investment is easy now, you have the golden opportunity to get funding from Shark Tank.

Now you can come to the platform, pitch your business to the Sharks & get the investment from them. Even if the sharks are not impressed with your business model, still you will get benefits. Your business will get more exposure, due to which you will get more opportunities.

If you are an owner of a business or a startup that needs investment to grow more then don’t forget to participate in the Shark tank program. Maybe your business gets investment from them. Himalayan Television is the platform where the Shark Tank reality show going to be aired soon.

What is a Shark Tank Nepal?

Shark Tank Nepal is a business-based reality show where an entrepreneur or a startup owner can get the investment for the business against the equity, also they can get the debt.

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Shark tank Nepal is best for those businesses that are already running successfully in the market, generating revenue, and seeking investment to scale up. To participate in this program entrepreneurs need to share their business data with the Sharks.

The process is simple, just participate in the platform and pitch the business to the Sharks. Impress them with detailed information about the business.

The main thing is businesses should be profitable or should have a higher scope of profit in the future. Once the sharks are impressed they will offer you the investment against certain percent equity or they can also offer you debt.

How to pitch to impress the Sharks?

If you are participating the in a show you should have detailed information about your business. How it works, what is the business model, what is the revenue, how many founders are there etc.

Keep in mind there are no chances of getting the investment with false information. Before confirming the investment the proper investigation will be done. So be honest & give genuine information about the business or startup.

Some of the information you should provide in the presentation about your business is following below.

  • Information about founders
  • Number of Shareholders
  • Sales Revenue and Profit margin
  • Last year’s Profit, expected sales revenue
  • How the business works
  • What is the business model
  • What is the service area
  • Business growth plan, etc

Once the presentation is done with all the above information, Sharks will decide offer should be made or not. If they are impressed with it and saw the best scope in business sure they will offer the investment against the equity.

How the investment is confirmed?

Once the entrepreneur or a startup owner pitches about the business to the Sharks, they will take decisions on whether to invest or not. If Sharks are impressed with the business and they may offer the investment for the equity.

There is no confirmation that Sharks will give the investment as requested by the entrepreneur. Sharks can offer investment according to the nature of the business and the profitability of the company. The two parties can go into negotiations with offers and counter offers to reach the final deal.

But there is no guarantee that every pitch will get a deal. If the Sharks are not impressed with the business or no negotiations are confirmed with a counter offer it may fail to get the investment.

How to participate in Shark Tank?

To participate in Shark Tank, you need to fill up an application form. Once you apply, you will be contacted for further screening upon selection.

For the application form CLICK HERE.

Initial screening in Shark Tank will be done based on the submitted application and business reports. Then selected businesses will be called for the first round of interviews.

All the businesses passed in the first round will be shortlisted and featured on the show. Now they will be required to pitch the idea to the Sharks in the program.

In the pitch, the businesses need to offer stakes on companies against the investment. The sharks can counter-offer against the business owner’s stake offer and negotiation can go on until the deal gets cracked.

Who is Shark Tank Nepal best for?

Shark tank is not for all businesses or startups. It is best for businesses that are already running successfully in the market, generating revenue and profitability every year.

Those businesses can participate and raise the investment to scale up their business.

Loss-making and not sure of potential growing business may not get any funds. No investors want to put their money at risk because it is a business.

Participating and pitching to Sharks don’t confirm that all business idea gets the deal. Sharks need to get convinced so that they will give a deal. Otherwise, entrepreneurs should return empty-handed.

Also, sharks can offer to help any particular business without making an investment. Like proper guidance, mentorship, support in marketing, etc.

What are the Requirements to participate?

To participate in this platform, entrepreneurs should fulfill some criteria. Those are the following below in the list.

  • Businesses should be registered
  • Founders must be Nepali citizens
  • Business should be operational and completed 1 year

Who are the Sharks?

Sharks are not yet confirmed for the program. But sure they will be famous business persons who are running successful businesses in Nepal.

Sharks are the investors on this platform. Soon the sharks will be revealed.

What is the investment parameter?

Sharks take the investment decisions with some of the important parameters. It is the following parameters listed below.

  • Valuation of the business made by the founders.
  • The volume of revenue being generated in recent months.
  • The target market of the business.

Benefits of Participating in Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an international reality show, which is going to air on Himalayan TV. By participating in this show, there is nothing to lose as an entrepreneur or a startup owner. The worst thing that could happen to you is not getting any deals, that’s it.

Besides that, your business gets promotion on national television without any investment. There are hundreds of other investors in the market, who may contact you if they found your business interesting.

Here are some benefits you will get

Higher Exposure

Shark Tank is an internationally recognized show, and participating in it means gaining higher exposure worldwide. No investment is needed to promote because your business idea is airing on national TV.

Also don’t forget this is the most famous business reality show that is followed by entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, and startups worldwide.

Even if no deals are confirmed, take away the free exposure for the business.

Investment Deals

Reaching the deal and gaining investment is the main objective of the program. Entrepreneurs always need the best deals on investment to scale up the business and leverage the opportunity.

So get ready to pitch the business idea and prepare your business scale-up with sharks. All the Sharks are ready to invest in a business with a good prospect.


Sharks are famous businessmen who are already running established businesses so they have the best experience. They know how to make a business profitable and run a company successfully. Once the deal is confirmed they will share the knowledge and guide in a proper way with investments.

They can guide you and give a huge boost to the business with contacts and expertise so that both parties will be benefited in the future.

How to contact Shark Tank Nepal?

If you have still any queries or suggestions, you can contact the team by phone, email, or social media platform. Here is the contact number for it.