Segway Electric Scooter ‘E-100’ Price in Nepal | Features & Specifications

segway escooter e 100

Segway Nineboat has unveiled the electric scooter ‘E-100’ in the Nepali market. The company has been producing two-wheeled and four-wheeled electric vehicles since 2001. I Hub Pvt Ltd is the official importer and distributor of Segway Nineboat electric scooters. I Hub Pvt Ltd is owned and operated by Lokesh Oli, which is Kathmandu based company.

The eScooter E100 is an innovative electric scooter from mobility innovation company Segway from the USA. According to the company, E-100 Scooter will be available in the Nepali market from the third week of January with a warranty facility. Similarly, the company is preparing to bring other models of scooters in the near future.

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Features & Specifications

Electric scooters are always the best commute vehicle for the city ride because of lightweight, small-sized and easy to ride, as well as it is noiseless. In this segment, Segway E-100 is one of the best products, excellent in terms of safety and comes with various features.

Model eScooter E100
PriceRs. 2,91,000
Speed 15 and 31 mph
Power 1.8 kW (2.4 hp)
Weight 176 lbs
Battery18650 Lithium
Battery Life2000 Cycles
Mileage200 Km
Top Speed 65 Km
ColourBlack, white, blue and red

The scooter is equipped with many unique innovations and has many sensors. E-100 has loaded with security features and advanced technology. This scooter will not start until the driver is in the seat. Similarly, the scooter does not move until the stand of the scooter is lifted. The scooter is equipped with GPS and remote control with two buttons.

The scooter is equipped with an anti-theft system, it can be locked remotely, tracked and trigger an alarm when the scooter is lost. It has six lenses and the facility to automatically emit light according to the environmental impact is also available in the scooter.

The E-100 is available in four attractive colours, including black, white, blue and red. Segway has made this scooter lightweight for best performance, which is 80 kg. The E-100 scooter is also loaded with other features like a mobile charging slot, three different driving modes, and a water-resistant battery lithium-ion battery.

Now with the mobile charging slot, no need to worry about the low battery problem. You can charge your mobile anytime with E-100. You can change the driving mode according to the road and save electric fuel, which can help to cover the better mileage and improve the driving performance. The scooter is IPX5 waterproof and can drive through water.

E-100 has a 22-litre capacity of boot storage at the bottom of the seat cushion, which is quite enough for your daily use. Where you can put 13-inch laptops and Some other daily used products at the same time.

Segway Scooter E-100 Price Nepal

The battery of this scooter takes about seven hours to be 100% charged. It can travel up to 200 kilometres under dual battery mode. The company has set a starting price of Rs 291,000 for the E-100 scooter.