Samsung TV Price in Nepal – 2021 | Price list with Models & Size

samsung tv price in nepal - new list

Are you thinking of buying a smart TV? Or Searching online for TV Prices, Models, and Specifications? Here you will get information about Samsung TV. In this post, we will give information about Samsung TV Price in Nepal. Also, the models and specifications of the Samsung TV are included.

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South Korean company Samsung is a globally popular brand for electronic products like smartphones, Smart TV & other home appliances. Which has been the number 1 brand for the last 16 years in the smartphone market, is also a leader in television sales. Samsung topped the smart television business with a market share of 30.2% in this quarter and sold a total of 30 million TV globally.

samsung smart tv price in nepal 2021

Samsung TV Price in Nepal – 2021

Him Electronics and Triveni Byapar are official distributors of Nepal for Samsung products. Samsung is a highly demanded Smart TV in Nepal. All the Samsung TV comes with a multi-year warranty & easy replacement parts availability.

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Currently, in the Nepali market, 32 inch HD to 85-inch Ultra HD 4K Samsung TVs are available. Price range starts from Rs 33,400 to Rs 430,000. Samsung TVs are available in HD, FHD, 4K & QLed. Samsung Smart TV is available in different sizes, customers can get 32, 43, 55, 65, 75 & 85 inch TV in Nepal.

Apart from Smart TV, Samsung has been producing Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Vacuum cleaners and Air conditioners.

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Prices for Samsung TV range from Rs 33,400 to Rs 430,000. If you are also thinking to buy, here is Samsung TV Price in Nepal with models & Sizes with the latest updates.

Price List of Samsung TV

Samsung TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA32N4010ARXHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 33,400
UA32T4400ARHXE32-inches HD (720p) Rs. 37,350
UA32T4500ARHXE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 41,750
UA43T5400ARHXE43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 57,900
UA43T5500ARXHE43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 62,000
UA43TU8000RXHE43-inches UHD 4KRs. 72,500
UA43AU7700RSHE43-inches UHD 4KRs. 75,000
UA55TU8000RHXE55-inches UHD 4KRs. 98,500
UA55AU7700RSHE55-inches UHD 4KRs. 100,000
QA55Q60AARXHE55-inches UHD 4KRs. 140,000
QA55LS03AARXHE55-inches UHD 4KRs. 230,000
UA65TU8000RHXE65-inches UHD 4KRs. 160,000
UA65AU7700RSHE65-inches UHD 4KRs. 165,000
UA75TU8000RHXE75-inches UHD 4KRs. 277,500
UA75AU8000RSHE75-inches UHD 4KRs. 295,000
QA75Q60AARXHE75-inches UHD 4KRs. 335,000
UA85AU8000RSHE85-inches UHD 4KRs. 430,000