Ruru Hydropower IPO result date | IPO to Allot 37,916 applicants only

ruru hydropower IPO coming soon

Ruru Hydropower Company had sold 407,706 IPO shares to the public. There were about 62 times more applications for this IPO. You must have participated in this IPO. Maybe you are also waiting for the IPO result of Ruru Hydropower.

The Ruru Hydropower IPO result date has been confirmed. The IPO issued by Ruru Hydropower Limited is being allotted on Friday. Share issue and sale manager NMB Capital Limited has confirmed the time and place of IPO final allotment. According to Capital, IPO allotment will take place at the central office of NMB Capital on Friday, at 8:30 am. Pre-allotment of IPO has been completed on Thursday.

You can see the IPO result on Friday, Baisakh 3rd after it publishes. The large number of application was submitted for IPO. This IPO also will be allotted at the rate of 10 units. In this regard, only 37 thousand 916 lucky applicants will get IPO. Accordingly, only about 2% of lucky applicants will get IPO while 98% of applicants will be empty-handed.

Ruru Hydropower Company status

How to check IPO result – Ruru Hydropower

Note: Ruru Hydropower result date is confirmed, IPO Allotment will happen on Baisakh 3rd, Friday at 8:30 AM . you can check the result after IPO allotment.

“Please come back and check the result after IPO allotment.”

IPO results can be checked with these four websites. 1) CDSC IPO result Website (2) NMB Capital Website (3) Ruru Hydropower website (4) Mero Share account.

1) IPO Result – CDSC Website

CDSC has an IPO result website, go to and check the result. Click here to go to the website. Investors can check IPO results on this website quickly and securely.

ipo result check
  • Open Browser, Type, Press enter.
  • Select the company Name
  • Enter your 16 digit BOID number
  • Click the View Result button.
  • Now, You will see the result, IPO Allotted or not.

2) IPO Result – NMB Capital Website

ipo result jyoti life
  • Open NMB Capital official website.
  • Go to IPO result Page
  • Select the Company Name for IPO result
  • Enter your Full Name
  • Enter your Demat Account ( BOID number)
  • Now, Press the Submit button.
  • Check the result, Allotted or not.

3) IPO result – Meroshare

  • Login to CDSC Mero Share website
  • Go to My ASBA page
  • Click to Application Report Page
  • Select a company and Click the report button
  • Check allotted or not.
  • Now, You can see the result.

4) Result – Ruru Hydropower Website

  • Open Ruru Hydropower official website
  • Go to IPO result Page
  • Enter your Demat (BOID) Number
  • Then, Press the Search or Click button.
  • That’s it, check the result, Allotted or not.

IPO Information on detail

Ruru Hydropower had sold 407,706 IPO shares since Chaitra 20. The company has added Rs 20 premium to the face value of Rs 100 per share and sold the IPO for a total of Rs 120. Out of the total issue, 8,154 shares were allotted to employees and 20,385 shares to collective investment funds. Only the remaining 379,167 shares were sold to general investors. According to sales manager NMB Capital, 1,669,019 applicants have applied for the IPO shares.

At present, the paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 326.164 million. After the sale of IPO to the locals and the general public, the paid-up capital of the company will reach Rs. 407.7 million.

IPO rating of Ruru Hydropower

The IPO rating agency ICRA Nepal has been given the ICRP-IR Triple B rating for the Ruru hydropower limited. It indicates that the company is relatively safe to meet financial obligations.