Read the Meter yourself & Prepare electricity bill online from Home

NEA meter reading

Nepal Electricity Authority ( NEA )staff did not come to your house to read the meter? Don’t worry, you can read the meter yourself and see the bill. NEA has given you a meter reading facility. Coronavirus, which is now spreading like a global epidemic, has disrupted public life. Due to this, like other businesses, the employees of the Electricity Authority also have a problem. For the same reason, meter reading may not be continuous. In this case, you can help yourself & also NEA by reading meter.

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Electricity Authority ( Bidhut Pradhikaran ) has provided the facility for meter reading by the customer himself. For this, the customer has to go to nea website and create a Consumer Account. An account can be created by clicking the Register button on the right side of the website. You can prepare a bill by putting the number visible in the meter box of your house. Then you can easily do the bill payments of electricity authority online through various wallets like esewa, khalti, prabhu pay and online bankings.

Consumers can easily create accounts by going and follow the procedure and prepare the electricity bill.

How to register a new account?

  1. First off all customer has to create his Consumer Account at NEA website.
  2. For that, go the NEA website
  3. Click Register on the right side of the page.
  4. After that, Enter the Consumer details customer name, email, mobile number, and password, re-enter the password, mark reCAPTCHA and click Submit.
Nepal Electricity Authority registration

After doing this, your Consumer Account will be created.

How to register a Consumer in NEA Website

Registering the Consumer on the NEA website is very easy, it can be done within some minutes. Follow the steps below to register a consumer in NEA.

–> Log in with Username and Password in the NEA Website
–> Choose the location of your electricity office.
–> Now, Enter the Consumer Id (eg. 41875).
–> Enter the S.C. number (eg. 006.03.098d).
–> Click the submit button. That’s it, Now You are a registered Consumer.

NEA website registration user

The Customer registration process is complete. Now you can do the meter reading.

How to prepare electricity bill?

–> Go to Registered consumers page, Press Click button.
–> Now, Select the current month and fill the current meter readings.
–> Now click the Submit button.
–> After doing so, you will see your electricity bill.
–> Now your meter reading is done. You can pay bill now.

Nea website meter reading

This way you can easily read the meter and prepare an electricity bill yourself online. After it, you can go to any e-wallet like esewa, khalti, Prabhu pay, imepay and other online banking to pay the electricity bill online.

Note: Nepal Electricity Authority ( NEA ) has warned consumers not to do fraud during the meter reading. Consumer should enter the actual meter reading number in the online meter reading system. If any misuse is found in the current meter number, action will be taken as provided in the Nepal Electricity Authority Distribution Regulations.

Nepal Electricity Authority – Branches & Phone Number

Nepal Electricity Authority has multiple Branch offices all over Nepal. Customers can contact these offices to make a bill payments, new connections, complaints and other related works. If You are also looking for the Nepal Electricity Authority Phone Number, Here is the full list of Branches and numbers.

S.noBranch NamePhone Numbers
1Achham Branch097-625105
2Amuwa Branch071-501041
3Anarmani Branch023-541594
4Anbu Sub Branch065-540642
5Arghakhachi Branch077-420394
6Arughat Branch064-410077
7Attariya Sub Branch079-1550313
8Badegaun Sub Branch01-5560595
9Baglung Branch068-522477
10Baitadi Branch095-520164 / 095-520274
11Bajhang BranchUpdating…
12Bajura BranchUpdating…
13Balaju Branch01-4390048
14Baneshor Branch01-4461427
15Barahthawa Branch9844155175
16Bardaghat Branch078.580204
17Bardibash Branch9851246069
18Barhbise Sub Branch011-489249
19Basghadi Sub Branch9848102788
20Belauri Branch9819293172
21Belbari Branch021-546086
22Beltar Sub Branch035440213
23Bhadrapur Branch023-455611
24Bhairahawa Branch071-520655
25Bhajani Branch091580238
26Bhaktapur Branch01-6611098 / 01-6610949
27Bharatpur Branch056-533466
28Bhiman Sub Branch047410085
29Bhojpur Branch029-420660
30Bhurigaun Sub Branch084-403104
31Biratnagar Branch021-525455
32Birgunj Branch051-534291
33Bodebarsain Branch9844116953
34Budhabare Sub Branch023-555031
35Budhanilkanth Sub Branch014374686
36Butwal Branch071-438584
37Chabahil Sub Branch014485177
38Chainpur Sub Branch029-570178
39Chanauli Branch056-591907
40Chandranigapur Branch055-540408
41Chapagaun Sub Branch015573922
42Chautara Sub Branch011-620141
43Dadeldhura Branch096-420263 / 096-420475
44Dailekh Branch089410130
45Damak Branch023-581169
46Darchula Branch093-420498
47Dhading Branch010-520132
48Dhangadhi Branch079-1516456
49Dhankuta Branch026-520797
50Dhanushadham Branch041-414073
51Dharan Branch025-530780
52Dharke Sub Branch010-6217843
53Dhulabari Branch023-555031
54Dhunche Branch010-540076 / 010-412077/010-542095
55Diktel Branch036-420636
56Dolakha Branch049-421909
57Dolpa Branch087-550081
58Doti Branch094-412222
59Duhabi Branch025-540403
60Dumre Sub Branch065-580030
61Fickel Sub Branch027-520791
62Gaindakot Sub Branch078-501036
63Gajuri Sub Branch9841206165
64Gaur Branch055-520300
65Gauradah Branch023-480347
66Gaushala Branch044-521614
67Ghorahi Branch082-561201
68Gorkha Branch064-421222
69Gulariya Branch084-420100
70Gulmi Branch079-520200 / 079-520751
71Gumgadh Branch087-460136
72Hanumannagar Sub Branch031-580095
73Heldung Branch087-680046
74Hetauda Branch057-524468
75Humla BranchUpdating…
76Ilam Branch027-520791
77Inaruwa Branch025-561961
78Itahari Branch025-583459 / 025-583251
79Jahare Sub Branch083413054
80Jajarkot Branch089430375
81Jaleshor Branch044-520266
82Janakpur Branch041-590630
83Jiri Sub Branch049-400080
84Jogbuda Sub Branch096-411011
85Jorpati Branch01-5134055 / 01-5134068
86Jumla BranchUpdating…
87Kalaiya Branch053-550591
88Kalikot Branch087440147
89Kanchanpur Branch031-560169
90Katari Sub Branch035-450250
91Kavre Branch011-664797
92Kawasoti Branch078-540744
93Khadbari Branch029-560078
94Khajura Sub Branch081560052
95Kharidhunga Sub BranchUpdating…
96Kirtipur Branch01-4333532
97Knagar Branch076520012
98Kohalpur Branch081-540645
99Kuleshor Branch01-4278449
100Lagankhel Branch01-5549426 / 01-5555436
101Lahan Branch033-560118
102Lalbandi Branch046-501738
103Lamahi Branch082-417018
104Lamjung Branch066521405
105Lamki Sub Branch091-540160
106Lekhnath Branch061-561001
107Lubhu Sub Branch015580112
108Lumbini Sub Branch071-404079
109Madi Sub Branch9845081570
110Maharajgunj Branch01-4380532
111Mahendranagar Branch099524542
112Mainapokhari Sub Branch049411009
113Majhuwa Sub Branch065-540377
114Malangwa Branch046-521134
115Manang BranchUpdating…
116Mangalsen Sub Branch097-620105
117Manthali Branch048-540068
118Maulapur Branch9861500902
119Melamchi Branch011-401040
120Mirchaiya Branch033-550655
121Mirmi Sub Branch063-403055
122Mudhe Sub Branch029-414002
123Mustang Sub BranchUpdating…
124Myagdi Branch069-520403
125Naxal Sub Branch01-4414023
126Nayamill Branch071-560032
127Nepalgunj Branch081-520247
128Nijgadh Sub Branch053-540221
129Nuwakot Branch010-560183 / 010-561704
130Okhaldhunga Branch037-520268
131Palpa Branch075520511
132Palung Branch057-400068 / 057-400030
133Panauti Sub Branch011-440435
134Panchkhal Branch011-499301
135Panchthar Branch9858051367
136Parasi Branch078-5202788
137Parbat Branch067420237
138Pashupatinagar Sub Branch027-520791
139Patan Sub BranchUpdating…
140Pokhara Branch061 520065
141Pokhara_gramin Sub Branch061 520065
142Pokharia Branch051-560005 / 051-560226
143Pulchowk Branch01-5523016
144Pyuthan Branch9847876369
145Rajapur Branch084-460213
146Rajbiraj Branch031-520205
147Ramechap Sub Branch048-540068
148Rangeli Branch021-580652
149Rani Sub Branch021-435799
150Ratnapark Branch01-4153166 / 01-4153162 / 01-4153050
151Ridi Sub Branch079-400085
152Rolpa Branch086-440182
153Rukum_east Branch088-530365
154Rukum_west Branch088-401115
155Sakhuwa Branch041-540203
156Salyan Branch088-520080
157Sanischare Sub Branch023-465431
158Sankhu Sub Branch01-4450770
159Silgadhi Sub Branch094-412183
160Simara Branch053-521066
161Simraungadh Branch053-411056
162Sindhuli Branch047-520550
163Sindhupalchowk Branch011-482139
164Siraha Branch033-520115
165Solukhumbu Branch037-520268
166Surajpura Sub Branch9847050121
167Surkhet Branch083-540153
168Surunga Sub Branch023-550371
169Syangja Branch063423077
170Tanahu Branch065-540642
171Tandi Branch056-561655
172Taplejung Branch024-461102 / 024-460103
173Tatopani Branch9841345568
174Taulihawa Branch076-561116
175Terhathum Branch026-460634
176Thimi Branch01-6635328
177Tikapur Branch091-561440
178Triveni Sub Branch078560220
179Tulsipur Branch082-521750
180Tumlingtar Sub Branch029-575178
181Udaypur Branch035-420629
182Urlabari Branch021-541472
183Yedukuwa Branch041410012