Pokhara International Airport | Airport to be ready soon – Video Report

pokhara new airport construction

Construction of Pokhara International Airport is in full swing. Work is going on day and night to complete the airport soon. The airport will be operational as soon as possible after the completion of construction.

62 percent construction work of Pokhara International Airport has been completed. An agreement was reached to complete the construction of the airport by July 10, 2021. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the construction work was delayed.

When the airport comes to operation, Pokhara will directly be connected to cities of China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Gulf countries. Pokhara’s regional international airport has a runway of 2,500m long. The airport has a parallel taxiway with the runway which can accommodate medium-range jets like Airbus 320s and Boeing 737s.

Pokhara international airport

Pokhara new airport will make the hub for tourism along with domestic and international flights. The airport will also decrease the traffic pressure of Nepal’s only one Tribhuwan International Airport.

Soon Pokhara international airport will serve as an alternative gateway of Kathmandu airport. Foreign tourists, pilgrim traveler and Nepali migrant workers will soon bypass Tribhuwan international airport to get international flights.

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Airport to ready soon

The steel structure of the control tower building including the runway, taxiway and apron of Pokhara Regional International Airport has been completed. The project has stated that most of the work of the internal and external terminal building of the airport has been completed and is in the phase of finishing while 62 percent of the work of the airport has been completed so far.

pokhara airport international

The work of placing the trust on the roof of the main terminal building including the hangar building of the construction site has been completed. Finishing work is underway including connecting electricity at the airport.

pokhara regional international airport
pokhara airport runway

The construction work was slowed down due to problems in transportation of construction materials, lack of laborers and technicians after the government shut down the country due to COVID-19. However, after the opening of the lockdown, the work is in full swing.

Project Chief of Pokhara Regional Airport Vinesh Munakarmi said that work is being done to complete the project on time despite some problems due to the lockdown.