Paul Shah & Swastima’s New Video- ‘Mayalu Timi 2’ trending in Nepal

paul shah

Actor Paul Shah and actress Swastima Khadka’s new music video has been released. Along with Paul Shah and Swastima Khadka, child actors Angel Rai and Arvin Khadka have also done well in this music video.

After the success of the song ‘Mayalu Timi’, Saroj and his team have released ‘Mayalu Timi 2’ as the second part. The marvelous acting of all the Pal shah and swastika khadka made the song excellent. Within a few days of its release, the song has managed to hit YouTube trending. It has managed to get around 2.5 million views due to the viewers’ high interest.

The song ‘Mayalu Timi 2’ is sung by Rajan Raj Siwakoti and Smita Dahal. The song is written by Dinesh Thapaliya and composed by Rajan Raj Shivakoti himself. Similarly, child singer Grashma Siwakoti has a melodious voice in this song.

The video shot at Gokarna Forest Resort has been cinematographed by Nawaraj Upreti while Vikram Swar has choreographed the video. Edited by Arjun GC, the video is directed by Saroj Oli. This music video has been released by GAZZAB TV Youtube channel.

Watch ‘Mayalu timi 2’