10 Best Ways to Make Money Online | Online Jobs in Nepal – 2022

online jobs in nepal

There are many ways to earn money. You can make money by running your own business, starting an office job, or working online from home. If you don’t have money for investment or tired of the 9-5 office job then the best way to earn money is Online Jobs. You can start online jobs and make money. Here we will give you detailed information about available online jobs in Nepal.

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Finding a job is a really hard task in recent days, so working online is the best idea if you have skill. Home-based online jobs are the best and easiest way to find jobs and make money. There are many platforms are available now for skilled people to work online. No certificate, No interview, No boss, No office hours, flexible time to work.

Many people may not even know that they can make money online. Earn money online is like a dream come true. Because you can be your own boss and you will have the freedom to work. Heard interested? Now, are you searching for how to earn money online in Nepal? then this article.

online jobs in nepal

Still, you aren’t sure how to start? Here are the best ideas for Online Jobs in Nepal for 2021.

1. Blogging

Starting a blog is one of the best ideas to make money online. Blogging is one of the oldest and proven online earning ideas. Millions of blogs are running worldwide and making the revenue in billion dollars. Blogging is one of the best online jobs in Nepal. If you are thinking of starting a blog, do it now because it is the best idea.

make money with blogging

Blogs are making money with multiple revenue models. If you have a blog then you can make money by monetizing it with Google Adsense, Banner ads, Sponsored ads, Contextual ads, Affiliate marketing, Guest post, Paid Post and much more.

Do you know how to start a blog and make money? No, Let me tell you then.

To start a blog, you need to buy a domain and hosting first. If you don’t have money then you can go to blogger and get a free domain and hosting. But if you are serious about blogging then invest little money and buy domain and hosting.

Then set up your blog on WordPress and host the website. Select Niche and start writing the quality content on it. You can write the content yourself, if you have money to invest then hire a content writer.

Now you can monetize your blog, You can apply for Google Adsense or any other publisher network. Google Adsense is the best tool for monetizing your blog, try it first. You can start affiliate marketing and sell the products on your blog and start earning a commission. You can also start offering paid post or guest posts and make money.

2. Youtube

Youtube is the top-earning source online. Millions of video creators are now working on Youtube and making millions of dollars. From TV broadcasting channels to individual creators are making video content and publishing on Youtube for ad revenue. Youtube has billions of audiences so making money on youtube is easier than on other platforms.

make money with youtube

Curious about how to make money on Youtube? Lets me tell you.

First, go the Youtube and create an account. Create the channel for your videos and set up the channel and select the niche for video production. Start making video content, make it professional and publish it to youtube. To get more views promote or share it on social media.

To monetize videos, join the Youtube Partner program. Youtube ads are available after the channel crosses 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in 360 days. Make better content and share it for social engagement. For higher ad revenue, select niches like technology, finance, insurance, affiliate marketing. Music, entertainment, comedy niche gets fewer ads and less CPC causes low revenue. You can make money by accepting sponsored ads, reviews, and affiliate marketing on Youtube.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Starting affiliate marketing is another best way to make money online. This is one of the best online jobs available in Nepal. Many bloggers in Nepal are making money from affiliate marketing. When you have niche-based blogs and traffic, you can sell affiliate products online on your blogs.

Write content based on the product you are promoting and selling. Write in detail and promote affiliate products on your post and blogs. When audiences come to your post and order for the affiliate product, you can make a commission on it.

You can join Affiliate programs like Click bank, Amazon, Daraz, Web Hosting services, different tools etc.

4. Facebook Instant Article

Facebook Instant Article is another best way of online earning source. Facebook has an instant article feature like a chrome browser, but it opens only on the Facebook platform. When the publisher publishes news or articles on the Facebook platform ad revenue generates. Thousands of dollars can be earned with instant articles.

To earn from Instant Articles, you need a news site or blog. Connect it to the Facebook audience network, set up a monetized account and start showing ads on your blog. Share the post on Facebook for making money.

Facebook ads only appear when blog posts are visited from the Facebook platform. Facebook ads are based on CPM and CPC. As much as the post gets more visits more revenue is generated. Facebook Instant Article is available in Nepal, if you are interested try it.

5. Facebook Video Content

You can monetize your video on Facebook and make money. Facebook is the biggest platform for video content. Billions of videos are shared daily on Facebook. If you are a video content creator you can easily make money from Facebook. Big production houses to small creators all are making money with Facebook video ads.

For Facebook Video monetisation, you need to set up your account and join the Facebook Partner program. To monetize videos, your videos must be partner program eligible, check eligibility requirements here. Now you can share videos on Facebook and make money.

6. Content Writing

If you are a content writer or you are good at writing content, you can earn money online. Content writing is also a top demanded online job. You can write content for others blogs, websites or videos and get paid.

You can work as a freelance content writer from home and make money online. You can join content writing community sites like Fiverr, Upwork, iwriter, freelancer.com, ProBlogger, flex jobs, guru.com and earn money in dollars.

7. Selling Services

There are many sites available for selling services. You can work as a freelancer and sell services from home. Freelance is the most demanded job. Fiverr, Upwork, iwriter, freelancer.com, ProBlogger, flex jobs, guru.com are freelance platforms for selling services.

No matter what are you an expert in, you can sell your service on these platforms. Whether you are a web developer, article writer, logo designer, video creator, social media expert, digital marketer, SEO expert or programmer, simply can sell your service and make money online.

Join freelance sites and list your services online. You will get hired if somebody needs your service.

8. IPO (Initial Public Offering)

IPO is the most profitable business these days in Nepal. If you are not yet invested in IPO, start investing today. Because you are losing profit. You can earn up to Rs 10,000 with just an investment of Rs 1,000. You can buy and sell IPO shares online through Mero Share easily.

As more companies go public, they are starting to issue IPOs. Hundreds of companies are preparing to issue IPO in Nepal. You can buy an IPO for only Rs 100. But after listing in the secondary market, the same share goes up to Rs 1000. Isn’t that 10 times profitable?

For that you need to open a bank account, Then you have to open a Demat account and a Mero Share account. Now you can apply for an IPO online and make a profit by selling at a secondary market.

9. Bug Bounty

If you are thinking of online jobs without investment in Nepal, try bug bounty. You can discover the bugs on big websites and make money. Most of the big website gives bug bounty for finding bugs in their website. Such bug bounty can range from a few dollars to a thousand dollars. You can also win bug bounties by searching for bugs on websites and reporting to the company.

Even in Nepal, many youngsters have made millions of dollars by searching for bugs on big websites like Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

10. Selling Courses Online

If you are an expert in any field and teach courses, you can make money online. You can create online courses and earn money. Because of Covid 19 also online courses are in high demand. People are ignoring going out of the house. Students are studying in Zoom app online, office workers are working from home so you can make courses and teach online.

You can make any course you are an expert in. You can teach courses in video, text or pdf format. If it is demanded then you can easily sell it online and make money. You can also join the different platforms for selling courses online or you can promote your courses on Facebook and get sales.

Conclusion: Making money online is possible, it is one of the best ways to make money from home without investment. Where you are a student, office workers or jobless, online jobs are suitable for everyone. You can work on spare time and make extra money for yourself. I strongly suggest you to do online jobs, no need to invest a lot so you can try it once. All the above online jobs can be done using the internet. No more expenses only income. If you are interested try it and earn money.

Happy reading guys, thanks