Oliz Store has opened a Second showroom in Dharan, Itahari

oliz store

Oliz Store Pvt. Ltd has opened its new showroom in Dharan, Itahari.It is a tech company that has deals in branded tech gadgets and accessories including Apple products in Nepal. On Sunday, Oliz’s new showroom was opened on Dharan Road in Itahari.

oliz store

This is the first store outside Kathmandu. It is also Apple’s first official store for Province 1. Apart from this, Oliz stores other showroom is available at Basantamarga, Babarmahal, Kathmandu. The store has been selling genuine gadgets and accessories including Apple products in Nepal.

Compay deals in various categories including Apple products, Branded Apple accessories (covers, cables for iPhone, iPad, MacBook), docking speakers, Headphones, Amplifiers, Media players, Home theater Speakers, Projectors and many more. Global brands like APPLE, KEF, MOSHI, SPECK, SPIGEN, JCPAL, BEATS by Dr. Dre, AKG, SHERWOOD, PIONEER, HARMON KARDON Available in Store.

Apart from Showroom, Oliz also sells gadgets and accessories online across the country. For that, Oliz has its own online store, where you can order online. Oliz store’s gadgets and accessories are also available at Daraz and other shopping sites.

Although Oliz’s gadgets and accessories are available online, a new showroom has been opened for the convenience of the customers. Customers will be able to see and buy gadgets and accessories by visiting the showroom.

Who is the Owner of Oliz store?

Do you know who is the owner of Oliz store, let’s know about it.

Chetan Oli is the owner and chairman of Olizstore Pvt. Ltd. Lokesh Oli is the Managing Director of Olizstore. Tech savvy Lokesh Oli has been reviewing the latest tech products through his official YouTube.

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Lokesh Oli informed that the first branch outside Kathmandu has been opened in Itahari as there is no official dealer of Daraz and there is good market potential.

The company was established in 2007 and has been selling iPhone, iPad, MacBook covers as well as drones and various brands of smartphones, headphones, amplifiers, media players, home theater speakers, projectors and more.

Oliz Contact Number

Now Oliz store is available in 2 location. Main showroom in Kathmandu, Babarmahal and a new branch in Itahari, Dharan. If you are looking for the Oliz store contact number, here it is 9801021297, 9861060000.