Nyadi Hydropower IPO Result | IPO to allot only for 209,250 investors

nyadi hydropowwer ipo result page

Nyadi Hydropower Company’s IPO result is going to publish soon. The company is going to conclude IPO allotment this week on Friday. In this IPO only 2,09,250 lucky applicants will get IPO shares.

Global IME Capital, the company’s sales manager, completed the pre-allotment on Tuesday. Capital has informed that IPO will be allotted public on Friday, 9 am. After allotment, investors can check the IPO result.

The company had issued 2.25 million shares to the public from Ashoj 15 to Ashoj 19. Out of the IPO, 2% shares were allotted to employees and 5% shares to collective investment funds. The remaining 20,92,500 shares were sold to the general public.

2,09,250 investors to get IPO

The IPO had received applications from 2,357,166 investors, which is 14.09 times more than the issue. IPO to allot at the rate of 10 kitta through lucky draw. Only 209,250 applicants will get IPO at rate of 10 kitta through lucky draw but the remaining 2.148 million applicants will not get IPO shares.

How to check the result

Investors can check the Nyadi Hydropower IPO result through multiple websites. Results will be available on CDSC IPO Result Page, Global IME Capital’s website and Mero Share website. Follow the instruction and check the result here.

  • CDSC IPO Result Page
    • First go to https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/ website
    • Select the company to check IPO result
    • Enter the BOid number
    • and, click the VIEW RESULT button
    • Check your IPO result.
  • Mero Share IPO Result
    • Go to https://meroshare.cdsc.com.np
    • Login with BOid and Password
    • Go to the Application report in the dashboard.
    • Check the allotment status, Allotted or not.
    • View the result. thats it.
nyadi hydropower ipo result