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NTC data rates

Nepal Telecom, the leading telecom company is Most popular among Nepali customers in Nepal. It has more subscribers than any other telecom company. If you are also Subscriber of Nepal telecom and love to surf data packs, then keep reading this article. This post will help you how to activate NTC data pack and you can see a full price list of different data packs of NTC.

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As of Nepal, NTC has the highest number of subscribers than other networks like Ncell and Smart cell. Ncell is a major rival company of NTC and Smart cell is far behind. Like Ncell and Smart, NTC has also different data packs available. NTC provides different data packs depends on Daily, weekly and monthly data packs are available with different price, volume and validity time periods. Day, night or unlimited data packs can be bought accordingly your needs. In this post, you can get full information about NTC data pack and it’s price list.

Data Packs of NTC

Nepal Telecom (NTC) offers data packs on GSM and CDMA services on prepaid or postpaid mobile. Bulk mobile data is cheaper, so it is best to use the data pack instead of using the data without a package. Telecom has designed different data packs from small to large, according to the customer’s needs. You can get data packs from MB to GB depends on daily, weekly and monthly as your needs. All data packs used to have validity time periods to consume. In this post, you can get all the information about NTC Data packs. Day pack, Night pack, all-time pack, unlimited and more.

Here is the Data Packs of Nepal Telecom ( NTC )

  • Day data pack
  • Daily 1 GB data pack
  • Unlimited 1-hour data pack
  • All-time data pack
  • Night Time data pack
  • Unlimited Night Data pack
  • Social Media Data pack
  • Streaming Data pack
  • 4G data pack

How to buy the Ntc data pack?

  • GSM/Mobile users can subscribe to various Ntc data pack by dialing *1415# and select the desired data pack among various packs.
  • CDMA users can subscribe data pack by sending SMS with an appropriate subscription code to 1415 . The subscription codes of all packs are listed below. Subscription codes are valid for GSM and CDMA both.

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1. Day Data pack

Day Data pack is 24 hours validity data package of Nepal Telecom. This 80 MB Data package costs Rs 10, which can be used at day time of 6 Am – 6 Pm. This pack can be activated by sending SMS to 1415 or dialing *1415#

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
1080 MB24 hrsType DATA80MB and Send SMS to 1415

2. 1 GB Data Pack per day

If you are a subscriber of Nepal Telecom and You use a bulk volume of data pack, then this package is suitable for you. 1 GB per day data package will help you to surf the internet whole day without any issue. This pack is also called all-time data pack. This bulk data pack is available in multiple option. 1 day, 7 days and 28 days data packs available. This data pack cost As low as 3 paisa/MB, which is a cheaper option for subscribers.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
451 GB1 DayType 1D1G and Send SMS to 1415
2507 GB7 DaysType 7D7G and Send SMS to 1415
85028 GB28 DaysType 28D28G and Send SMS to 1415

3. Unlimited 1 hour Pack

Unlimited 1 hour Pack is available on Data, SMS or call service. This pack can facilitate you for 1 hour of unlimited use of Data, SMS or call. This pack is valid just for 60 minutes after activation. This package will cost Rs 20 per hour.

Package TypePriceValid TimeActivation Code
Unlimited ( Data, Voice or SMS )201 hourType FDPACK and Send SMS to 1415

4. All Time Data Pack

This Package has various prices and volumes. All-time data pack which includes a range of Rs 12 to Rs 700 package is available for 28 MB to 12 GB Data packs. This pack includes largest number of data packs and a most popular pack of subscribers. This Data pack cost As low as 6 Paisa/MB, which is affordable and cheap.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation code
1228 MB1 DayType DATA28MB and Send SMS to 1415
25200 MB1 DayType ECO100MB and Send SMS to 1415
3090 MB3 DaysType DATA90MB and Send SMS to 1415
60250 MB7 DaysType DATA250MB and Send SMS to 1415
100500 MB7 DaysType ECO500MB and Send SMS to 1415
2401500 MB28 DaysType DATA1500MB and Send SMS to 1415
5004500 MB28 DaysType DATA4500MB and Send SMS to 1415
70012 GB28 DaysType DATA12GB and Send SMS to 1415

5. Night-TIME Pack

Night Time Data pack is available in for price range of Rs 9 – Rs 250, which includes data pack of 125 MB – 5000 MB. This package has a validity time period of 1 night to 28 nights. Night time data pack can be used time period of 11 PM – 6 AM.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
9125 MB1 NightType Night125MB and Send SMS to 1415
2505000 MB28 NightsType Night5000MB and Send SMS to 1415
ntc data pack

6. Unlimited Night Pack

Subscribers can enjoy unlimited night data pack from 11 PM- 6 AM. In this pack users can enjoy full speed up to 1 GB volume of data per night and after that speed throttled at 256 kbps. But there is no limit of consuming data for a validity time period.

Package TypePriceValidity TimeActivation Code
Daily Unlimited Data151 NightType NUNL and Send SMS to 1415
Weekly Unlimited Data857 NightsType UNL7L and Send SMS to 1415

7. Social Media Pack

This pack is especially applicable to social media users. Social Media Data Pack can be used for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. While using this data pack, Users are recommended to use the official social media application of android or ios. This pack is available in the range of Rs 6 to Rs 60, which includes 36 MB – 400 MB data. This package cost as low as 15 Paisa/MB.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
636 MB1 DayType FB36MB and send SMS to 1415
30190 MB3 DaysType FB190MB and send SMS to 1415
60400 MB7 DaysType FB400MB and send SMS to 1415

8. Video Streaming Pack

Video streaming data pack is specially used to watch videos. Nepal telecom has data pack of video streaming which has price range of Rs 12 – Rs 60. Data Pack of 150 MB – 900 MB has a validity time period of 1 day to 7 days, which is all time data pack. Subscribers can view YouTube Videos and Live Streaming from the WOW TIME APP using this pack.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
12150 MB1 DayType YT150MB and send SMS to 1415
30400 MB3 DaysType YT400MB and send SMS to 1415
60900 MB7 DaysType YT900 and send SMS to 1415

9. 4G Data Pack

After expansion of 4G, Nepal telecom offers 4G data services to Ntc subscribers. 4G data pack offers double data volume to the subscribers. Subscribers need 4G Sim and compatible Device To use the 4G offer of NTC. You need to activate 4G in your SIM before use 4G data pack. To activate 4G in your Sim *444# and follow the instructions.

PriceVolumeValidity TimeActivation Code
25200 MB +200 MB Bonus1 DayType 4G400MB and SMS to 1415
100500 MB + 500 MB Bonus7 DaysType 4G1000MB and SMS to 1415
2401.5 GB + 1.5 GB Bonus28 DaysType 4G3GB and SMS to 1415

Unlimited Day Voice Pack for Rs 15

Nepal Telecom has offered the Unlimited Day Voice Pack for its users. Customers will be able to talk very cheaply within the network, After activating Telecom’s Unlimited Day Voice Pack,. The Unlimited Day Voice Pack can be purchased for Rs 15.

This pack is valid only from 5 am to 5 pm and can be purchased by dialing * 1415 * 9 * 2 #.

The Unlimited Day Voice Pack is valid for one day, and can be used within Nepal Telecom’s network.