NT Fiber | Nepal Telecom Fiber Internet – Price, Plans & Offers – 2021

nt fiber package

Nepal Telecom has also made a strong entry into the Fiber (FTTH) internet business. Worldlink, Via Net, Classic Tech, Subisu and Dish Home are big players in FTTH business Now. Nepal Telecom has also expanded and entered into the FTTH business. NT Fiber is now the subsidiary of Nepal Telecom.

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NTC has started providing FTTH Fiber To The Home service by expanding its business area. In a short period, Nepal telecom FTTH has coverage of most parts of Nepal. With a large customer base of NTC, Fiber internet is becoming more popular. Now Nepal telecom is a major rival for other ISPs in the FTTH business.

When compared to the price, NT Fiber Internet is a little cheaper than other ISP. Fiber internet is available in Individual and Premium Plans according to speed and prices. If you are also thinking of a Nepal Telecom FTTH, here are the packages, prices and offers list. Check it out.

Individual Packages

Nepal Telecom has multiple Individual Fiber Packages available according to the customer’s need. Individual Packages are available with internet, telephone and NTTV. Customers can choose the plan according to their needs. Here are the NT FTTH Individual packages with different price & features.

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1. NT Fiber Internet ( Festival Offer )

NT Fiber package is available under the festival promotional offer. In this package customer will get NT Fiber Internet + 1 NTTV + 1 Telephone. Customers can visit the Nepal Telecom office and apply for the festival promotional offer.

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  • Cost of Set-Top Box (STB) is included in the 25/40/50 Mbps internet packages.
  • This festival offer will be available Only for 90 days from 1st Kartik 2078.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applied on daily basis.
  • This offer is Non-Renewable
NT Fiber OfferDurationTotal Cost + STB
25 Mbps12 MonthsRs. 15,980
40 Mbps12 MonthsRs. 17,100
80 Mbps12 Months Rs. 22,500

2) NT Fiber Internet Package ( Renewable )

Under Individual Package, here is another NT Fiber internet plan. In this plan, the customer will get NT Fiber Internet + 1 NTTV + 1 Telephone (Free). This is a renewable package. Under this plan, only NTTV+Telephone is also available for those who don’t need internet.

  • All subscriber under this packages should purchase Set Top Box (STB) separately.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applicable on daily basis.
  • This Package is Renewable.
NT Fiber + NTTV1 Month3 Months12 MonthsSTB
25 Mbps1,4004,10014025N/A
40 Mbps1,8505,50018025N/A
80 Mbps2,4507,20023525N/A
NTTV+ Telephone only
(Without Internet)

3. NT Fiber Internet + 1 Telephone Package

Here is another Plan under the individual Package. Those who don’t need NTTV can purchase this package at a lower cost. This Package only includes Fiber internet and Telephone service.

  • Package Includes NT Fiber + 1 Telephone.
  • Only Telephone service is also available.
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applicable on daily basis.
NT Fiber Packages1 Month3 Months12 Months
25 Mbps1,0002,85010,500
40 Mbps1,5004,20015,300
80 Mbps2,0005,50020,500
Telephone only
(Without Internet)

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applicable on all NT Fiber Individual Packages. FUP volume limit is based on daily internet use, once its FUP volume limit crosses Fiber packages throttling speed will be reduced to 5 Mbps.

Here is the FUP volume limit for all FTTH Individual Packages, see the table below.

PackagesFUP limit per day (GB)Throttling speed after FUP limit
8 Mbps205 Mbps
25 Mbps305 Mbps
40 Mbps405 Mbps
80 Mbps605 Mbps

Premium Internet Packages

Two types of Premium Internet Packages are available, Internet and Internet + NTTV. Premium Internet Packages are the best used for businesses. Dedicated connection and instant support are available. Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is not applicable for these packages.

1. Premium Internet Service

Under this Package, only an internet connection is available. NTTV and Telephone are unavailable with this package.

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is not applicable.
Internet Packages1 Month3 Months12 Months
50 Mbps4,50012,60024,800
80 Mbps6,00016,50032,800
100 Mbps7,50020,00040,800

2. Premium Internet Service + 1 NTTV

In this package, 1 NTTV is available with a premium internet connection. STB should be purchased separately for NTTV.

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is not applicable.
  • Set Top Box not included on the cost of Internet.
Internet + 1 NTTV1 Month3 Months12 Months
50 Mbps5,17814,52331,309
80 Mbps6,67818,42339,309
100 Mbps8,17821,92347,309

Additional NTTV ( Per TV charges )

For each additional NTTV connection, additional Set-Top box is required. Set-Top Box should be purchased separately. Here is the Set-Top Box charge and package cost of additional NTTV connection for individual and Premium Internet Packages.

NTTV Package1 Month3 Months12 Months
Additional NTTV508.501448.664881.60

How to Subscribe NT Fiber

  • To subscribe Fiber Internet, visit the nearest Nepal Telecom office.
  • Check availability of NT Fiber at your location. 
  • Fill the NT FTTH registration form.
  • Check FTTH Tariff and choose internet package
  • Submit the form to the concerned NT office. 

NT Fiber Contact Number

If you have any problem, you can go through NT Fiber Contact Number & register a complaint. For that Dial 198 and select option 4.


  • Upto 100 meters Free Drop Fiber for new connection and extra cost Rs. 10 per meter.
  • Additional NTTV Set Top Box cost is Rs. 3,800.
  • Usage Charge of NTFiber Telephone is same as normal PSTN line.
  • Existing NTFiber customer can upgrade to any package.
  • All charges mentioned above are inclusive of applicable taxes.
  • All individual NTFiber customer shall get free 300 MB data bonus of per day in one GSM Mobile. Dial *1416# to activate bonus data.
  • All NT landline telephone service will have Rs. 100 Initial Balance and get 250/750/3,000 minutes free calls within NT network in 1/ 3/ 12 months.