New shortcodes of NTC, NCELL & Smart | Check balance, transfer and recharge

new shortcodes for ncell, ntc and smart

Soon users of all mobile service providers will be able to use the same new shortcodes. All service providers will now have the same shortcode to find out the balance, transfer the balance and recharge the mobile. The shortcodes currently in use for this purpose will be changed within a year, and new codes will be implemented.

The ‘ShortCodes and Toll-Free Number Management Procedure, 2077’ issued by the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal has made arrangements to manage various shortcodes and toll-free numbers currently in operation. Currently, different codes are used for each service provider. Now all service providers have to use the same code.

Now, within six months, all service providers are using the new shortcode. These are the new shortcodes for all network providers.

  • To know balance shortcode 144
  • To transfer the balance133
  • To recharge balance 122

The regulatory authority is going to make such an arrangement by finding that the user has a problem with different shortcodes according to the service provider. The authority also said that it was not appropriate to give different short codes to many service providers.

Users will now be allowed to use both new and old shortcodes for convenience. After one year, the shortcodes currently in use will become inactive.

Toll Free Numbers

Similarly, the provision regarding toll free numbers used to provide informational services has also been changed. The toll free numbers used to provide free phone facility to their customers and service recipients will now be in the same numbering system.

Currently, Nepal Telecom provides 11-digit toll-free numbers starting from 1660 and Ncell provides 10-digit toll-free numbers. Now the service provider will have to provide a toll free number starting from 1800, which will be 10 digits. After 1800, one number will be the code of the service provider and the rest will be the unique subscriber number. This number will be available to telephone users of all service providers.

Toll free facility is not available from different service providers now. Now you can make both toll free calls from Ncell to Telecom or from Telecom to Ncell.
This provision will remove the obligation of the service provider to take a separate toll free number according to the service provider. This provision will be implemented within a year. Now the existing toll free number will have to be modified with a new code.

New Shortcodes

Private sector service providers, who are currently using a 4-digit short code, will have to get a 10-digit toll-free number by next February. The toll free tariff will be levied as per the authority.

Now the 3 digit short code will be available only for emergency and emergency services. Only organizations providing essential services including police, fire engines and ambulances will be given a 3-digit short code. The four-digit short code will be available only to various government bodies and constitutional bodies.

Similarly, SMS, IVR, USSD and other services currently being used from four digit short code will have to be converted to 5 digit short code. NEA has also asked the telecom service providers to provide all the details of the short code and toll free number they are using within a month. Provision has also been made to submit such details to NEA twice a year.