How to Watch Netflix Movies, Web series & Shows in Nepal – 2021

how to watch Netflix in nepal

If you enjoy watching movies, TV shows and originals, you probably know about Netflix. In this article, you will know about how to watch Netflix shows in Nepal. Also, we will give information on subscription plans and other detailed information.

Netflix is ​​the world’s largest online video streaming platform where thousands of Movies, TV shows, Documentaries and Netflix originals are available. You can watch content as much as you want without any interruption but you need to buy a subscription plan. You can watch unlimited videos any time, anywhere on your favourite devices.

With the change in the way we watch movies and shows, video streaming platforms like Netflix have become more popular. The movie theatres are closed due to the Covid 19, movies are being released on Netflix which has increased the Netflix audience.

How to Watch Movies on Netflix in Nepal?

You can watch Netflix legally in Nepal, just in 3 easy steps. Go to, create an account, buy a subscription and enjoy unlimited movies, best series, TV shows and Netflix originals. Also, you can go to the play store and download the Netflix app. For now, no trial offer is available on Netflix.

You can buy a Netflix subscription with debit & credit cards, also PayPal payments are available for Netflix. Except this, you can use Netflix gift cards to buy subscriptions.

If you are from Nepal and want Netflix subscription? you can use Netflix gift cards. Which is easily available on Just go to the daraz website and search for Netflix gift cards. You will find a bunch of gift cards, it can be purchased online. which is accepted in Netflix.

Another option is to buy international dollar cards from Nepali banks. or you can contact your friends or relatives outside of Nepal and ask them to buy Prepaid debit cards for you. With these cards, you can buy Netflix packages in Nepal.

Follow these steps create account and watch Netflix Movies

Step 1) Visit

Step 2) Choose the right plan for you.

Step 3) Create an account by entering your email address and create a password.

Step 4) Enter a payment method and set up your account.

Step 5) Choose the movie and watch it on Netflix.

Netflix Subscription plans

Netflix currently offers 4 types of subscription plans, Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. The subscription plan determines the quality of the videos and the number of devices that you can watch Netflix on at the same time. You can choose the one that suits you.

You can watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer or stream device depending on your needs. Netflix plans range from USD3.99 to USD11.99 monthly. There is no additional cost and agreement but the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

netflix nepal plans

With all these plans, you can download unlimited Netflix shows and watch it, even when you go offline. You can download your favourite shows with iOS, Android, or Windows 10 apps. For the best experience Premium plan is the best which allows users to watch movies in 4K video quality.

Netflix gift card available in Nepal

Are you searching for Netflix gift cards? Yes, you can buy a Netflix gift card in Nepal. According to the company, they officially don’t sell these cards in Nepal but you can buy it from the online shopping site Daraz.

Go to and search for the Netflix gift card. You will find lots of sellers who are selling Netflix gift cards. You can buy it online and use it for Netflix.

Does Netflix offer a free Trial?

Netflix does not offer free trials, if you want to watch videos you need to buy a subscription plan according to your needs. There are no contracts and agreements with Netflix, you are free to change your plans.

If you are not satisfied or Netflix isn’t right for you, you can cancel the account anytime. You are not bounded with extra fees and commitments.

Is Netflix safe for kids?

Netflix is ​​also safe for kids. Netflix gives parents the ability to show kids-friendly shows to children and block other unnecessary content.