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Are you searching for any person or organization telephone number? Finding any one’s telephone number number is Now very easy. Nepal telecom made easy to find numbers. Now we have facility of finding number of anyone anytime without any effort. But how ? Do you know. Yes i will tell you how.

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The local telephone number of any person and organization can be found through the website of Nepal Telecom. Until now, there was another procedure to find out any contact number you wanted to know. You need to call in 197 and ask operators to inquire the contact telephone numbers you wanted to find out. Now, all this system has gone easy. Now you can find telephone number and enquire any time by the telecom’s website.

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Find any Phone number from Nepal telecom website

This type of PSTN Telephone Inquiry System (PSTN Inquiry System) was introduced through Nepal Telecom’s web page. You can Login here or go to this page of Nepal Telecom’s website for this.

telephone inquiry page

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Then you can find the number of the person or organization you want by clicking on the PSTN inquiry provided. For that you need to fill detail information about person or organization. For example result look down an image.

In the case of an individual customer, a number can be found by typing the person’s name as well as the address and district. Similarly, in the case of institutional customers, telephone number can be obtained according to the company name, address and district.

In the past, a web-based inquiry system was also operated by the company’s main web page for searching PSTN telephone numbers. Currently, the same service has been revamped. Due to the significant increase in the number of data users of the company, it has also been arranged to provide the service to customers at any time without hassle.