How to register a mobile IMEI number in Nepal telecom authority?

Nepal telecom alert

Did you register the IMEI number in Telecom authority? If not your mobile is at the risk of ban. Before it bans, You need to register your device. Don’t know how to register? Don’t worry, we will tell you the procedure of registration. Nepal telecom authority has a strict alert for mobile users to register the IMEI number immediately to Nepal Telecom Authority (NTA). If it is not registered it will be shut down.

According to the Nepal Telecom Authority, From SHRAWAN 2078 unregistered and unauthorized mobile devices were going to be shut down, it will no more work. It will apply to those mobile phones also which are illegally imported to Nepal.

You must register your mobile within the date of the deadline. Nepal telecom authority has called for a timely alert to mobile users for IMEI registration. Register your IMEI number immediately. For more information see below.

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How to find your mobile’s IMEI number?

You need an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number before you register your mobile number. You can find this number in multiple ways. Never need to share your IMEI number with anyone.

15 digits IMEI number has various pieces of information hidden, keep it secret. If you lost your mobile, you need an IMEI number to find it out. The easiest way of finding IMEI,

  • Type * # 06 # and you will get IMEI number. A box should pop up and shows your mobile IMEI number, which can be copied.
Nepal telecom authority
  • You can find IMEI easily on some mobile’s original boxes. The sticker on the outside of the box lists the IMEI numbers of the device.
  • Some mobile device contains IMEI number in its sim tray.

Another way to find IMEI number is, go to
Settings > About phone > Status
click status and Scroll down, you will find the IMEI number on the list.

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How to know IMEI number is registered?

Before applying for IMEI registration in authority, check mobile IMEI is registered or not earlier. If not you can apply for registration.

Click on this link ‘Know Your Device‘ to get started. Enter the IMEI number and submit it. Now, You can find mobile is registered or not.

IMEI register form

IMEI number registration process

If your mobile IMEI is not registered, you can register it online, quickly and easily.

  • To register your mobile IMEI number,
  • First, go to this link This link ( and signup
  • After Sign up, you will see the ‘New Importer’ and ‘Individual Application’ options.
  • Click the Individual applications, You will receive a form.
  • Fill out the required information in the form.
  • Also, submit a scanned copy of your official government ID.
  • Now, Submit the application. It’s done.

Your application will be reviewed based on the Information Provided by the authority, and Mobile will be registered in your name.

For Mobile Importer, the authority provides the user ID and password. The importer can log in by visiting this link ( with the provided user id and password. There is a facility available for IMEI number submission and send it to the department.