Sajja Chaulagain became the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3 | Watch video

Nepal Idol season 3 winner

Do you watch Nepal Idol? Nepal Idol season 3 is being aired on AP1 HD Television. Nepal Idol Season 3 is being aired after the huge success of Nepal Idol Season 1 and Season 2. Today is a huge celebration day, Nepal Idol season 3 is over now, winner announced. The wait is over, the Nepal Idol season 3 winner is announced today at the studio of Nepal idol. The event of Grand Finale was organized in the evening from 8 PM to 10 PM.

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Nepal idol season 3

The Nepal Idol Season 3 Grand Finale held Today August 28 with Top 3 contestants Kiran Kumar Bhujel, Prabin Bedwal and Sajja Chaulagain, where the winner of the season is announced.

The winner of Nepal Idol Season 3, Sajja Chaulagain

Today, the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3 has been announced. After a long wait, Nepal Idol program has declared the winner. The winner was announced at an event held at the studio today. The winner is chosen from the top 3 based on the votes cast by the audience.

Kiran Kumar Bhujel has become the second runner-up, he has received Rs 500,000 as a prize. Similarly, Prabin Bedwal has become the first runner-up, he has received a prize of Rs 1.5 million. Sajja Chaulagain has become the winner of Nepal Idol Season 3. Nepal Idol winner Sajja Chaulagain received 50 cash prizes.

Nepal Idol Season 3 – Top 3 Contestants

Kiran Kumar Bhujel, Prabin Bedwal and Sajja Chaulagain are top 3 contestants in this season. All 3 contestants shown their performance in the previous episode. The audience will decide who will be Nepal Idol. One of them will become Nepal Idol, by getting more votes from the audience.

How to vote in Nepal Idol?

There are two ways to vote in Nepal Idol. First by the judges and the second by the audience. At the beginning of the season, the judges judge the contestants based on their singing ability. Then there is the voting of the audience along with the judge. After it, the Nepal Idol winner is chosen based on the votes cast by the audience.

Voting can be done through mobile and online.
To vote from mobile within Nepal, you have to type the code of the contestant and send it to 37000 or you can cast your vote by dialing 16667711.

Similarly, Online voting also available through Esewa or Rise and Respect app. You can vote for your favorite contestant up to 500 votes. Select your favorite contestant and vote through Esewa or Rise and Respect app. For this you have to pay Rs. 5 per vote.

For international audiences, in India Vodafone users can send SMS to 53010 and
In Malaysia (All Tetecos) users can vote by sending an SMS to 33310.

How is Nepal Idol selected?

Nepal Idol is a worldwide singing reality show. It has its own format. Nepal Idol has set the criteria for choosing the winner. Nhyoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota are the three judges in the program.

Nepal Idol is an international franchise singing reality show created by Simon Fuller and owned by Fremantle Media. Nepal Idol winner will be Finalized by the votes received by the audience. The contestant received more votes will become the Nepal Idol in Grande finale.

 Top 16 contestant of Nepal Idol season 3

Contestant NameAddress
Kiran Kumar Bhujel (Finalist)Bardibas
Prabin Bedwal (Finalist)Chitwan
Sajja Chaulagain (Finalist)Kathmandu
Megha ShresthaKathmandu
Ranjit NepaliKathmandu
Samikshya DahalIlam
Sarita AdhikariPokhara
Swostika DhakalHetauda
Mamata GurungPokhara
Migma LamaHetauda
Muskan RanabhatPokhara
Neshan Pun MagarPokhara
Kamal BistaKailali
Kamal ShobKailali
Kevin Glan TamangChitwan
Jaljala PariyarKathmandu
Rachana RimalJhapa

Nepal Idol winners

The first season of Nepal Idol was held in 2017, Buddha Lama became the Nepal Idol season 1 winner by getting more votes. Similarly, Nishan Bhattarai was second and Pratap Das was third.

Similarly, in 2018, Nepal Idol had its second season. In the second season of Nepal Idol, Rabi Oad became the winner of season 2.

Sajja chaulagain is the Nepal Idol season 3 winner. She became the First female Nepal Idol in history. Top 3 contestants Kiran Kumar Bhujel, Prabin Bedwal, and Sajja Chaulagain have competed for Nepal Idol trophy, Finally, Sajja chaulagain wins the Nepal Idol trophy. She received prize of Rs 50 Lakh rupees.

Kiran Kumar Bhujel became second runner up, received prize of Rs 5 Lakh cash. Similarly, Prabin Bedwal became First Runner up, Received Nrs 15 Lakh cash.