Ncell Offer, ‘Tourist Sim’ with Ncell Data & Voice Pack

Ncell tourist sim card

Visit Nepal 2020 has already begun in Nepal with the aim of attracting more tourists. Telecom operater Ncell has also launched a new scheme targeting Foreigners travellers. Ncell has launched ‘Tourist Sim’ with attractive ncell data package and voice bundle with low price.

Tourists visiting Nepal from different countries will be able to take advantage of ‘Tourist Sim’ under Ncell’s new scheme. Ncell has brought this plan, targeting the occasion of Visit Nepal 2020. Ncell Tourist sim scheme has started from Wednesday, January 22. Under this scheme, foreigners traveling to Nepal can easily get a tourist SIM and enjoy ncell data pack. Bundle of All network voice and data packs can be purchased under this sim.

Ncell data package and voice pack

Any tourist visiting Nepal can get a Starter Pack with Tourist SIM for Rs. 100 / – with tax. In this pack, tourists also get a main balance of 30 rupees and 1 GB of data for a three day period.

Pay as you Go (PAYG) rate will not apply to this SIM. Tourists can take any one of the 5 combo packs for 3 to 30 days. And get All network voice and data pack bundle depending on the stay time or requirement. Combo packs can be purchased from Rs 290 to Rs 980 per requirement. Combo pack of ‘Tourist SIM’ can be activated by dial * 17105 # and follow the instructions received or Contact Ncell’s Service Center.

Available Combo packs on ‘ Tourist SIM’

  • Combo pack costs Rs 290 (inclusive of taxes) which comes with 3 GB ncell data bundle and 30 minutes all network voice service. This combo pack is valid for 3 days.
  • Another combo pack costs Rs 490 (inclusive of taxes), which is valid for 7 days. This pack bundles with 7 GB data and 70 minutes all network voice service.
  • Here is a bundle for 14 days pack, which costs Rs 980 (inclusive of taxes ). Which comes with 14 GB data bundle and 140 minutes of all network voice service.
  • For them who wants to stay in Nepal for a bit longer duration, they can choose 28 days combo pack. This pack comes with 28 GB data and 280 minutes of all network voice service. Which is valid for 28 days and it costs Rs 1,470 (inclusive of taxes) .
  • If any of the above is not enough, then a bigger option is available. 30 days combo pack is available, which costs Rs 2,888 (inclusive of taxes). This pack bundled with 88 GB data and 888 minutes of all network voice service. 

How to activate Ncell Combo pack on ‘ Tourist SIM’

For activation of any of the combo packs, tourists after subscribing to the starter pack, can dial *17105# and follow the instructions accordingly.

Any tourists who visit Nepal can Purchase a starter pack of Tourist SIM for Rs 100 (inclusive of taxes), In this pack. They will get the main balance of Rs 30 and 1 GB data which is valid of 3 days.

Where to purchase Ncell ‘Tourist sim’

Tourist Sims can be purchased from Ncell Center’s, the Ncell counter at Tribhuvan International Airport and 90 points of sales in various parts of the country. To purchase this SIM, the tourist will have to submit a copy of the passport and passport size photo.

This plan, launched on the occasion of Visit Nepal 2020, is believed to address the needs of foreign tourist communication services in Nepal at an easy and accessible rate.