Mero share | How to apply for IPO/FPO/Right shares

Mero share login

Do you want to apply for an IPO? Here you will know what are the requirements to apply IPO/FPO/Right shares. In the Primary market, we can apply through online and offline. Login mero share and applying online is far easier for the IPO, Simply from home using a computer or mobile. If you are interested to enter the primary market, you must have these accounts.

  • Bank account
  • Dmat account
  • CRN number
  • Mero share

Applicants can login to mero share & apply for IPO/FPO/Right share in the primary market. Similarly, you can also apply for an IPO by visiting a bank. Later, the result also can be viewed on the Mero share dashboard. You can perform online with Mero share account.

mero share

1. Bank Account

You must have a bank account to apply for an IPO. Transactions are done through the money deposited in your bank account.

You need to open an account with any bank that has casba facility. Casba facility is available in most commercial banks and many development banks too. You can open a bank account at your convenience. You must also have online banking with a bank account.

2. Demat Account

You must have Demat account. If you do not have a Demat account, you should apply for a new one. The shares received by applying for IPO / FPO / Right share are deposited in the Demat account. Demat account is opened for share deposit purposes only. Demat account has 16 digits in Nepal.

Sample of demat number: 13011200 00376492

How to open Demat account

  • A Demat account can be opened by visiting a bank, broker or DP service provider.
  • To open this account, you need to submit the KYC form along with all your details and photos.
  • There is also a fee of Rs. 150 for opening a Demat account.

The bank or broker will provide the Demat account on the second day of the application. Now some banks and brokers have started offering the facility of opening demat account online. Demat account number must be saved. Mero share requires demat number to login.

3. CRN Number

You need to get a CRN number after opening a Demat account. The CRN number is provided by the bank where you have your account. The format of the CRN number varies from bank to bank.

Sample of crn number: 00200321BD

The bank will provide you the CRN number immediately after filling up the CRN application form. A CRN number is essential to apply for shares in the primary market. With the help of CRN, bank account authorization takes place and money is deducted or blocked from your account. Crn number is used in Mero share to apply IPO / FPO / Right share.

4. Mero Share

To open a Mero Share account, the applicant needs to go to the bank, broker or DP with Demat number. The applicant can apply for Mero share by the application form. For the login password of mero share, the applicant needs to provide all the information including the Demat account number. Mero share application should be submitted after the Demat account. Mero share application can be downloaded online from DP service provider or from the concerned bank.

Mero shares will be available the day after the application is submitted. The login and password of mero share will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant. A fee of Rs 50 should be paid for mero share activation.

You can apply any IPO / FPO and Right shares through mero share, using your mobile or computer at home.

Mero Share Features

  • The portfolio feature is available in mero share.
  • The portfolio profit and loss can also be seen in Mero shares.
  • IPO / FPO / Right share can be applied through Mero share.
  • You can see the number of shares available and the daily price.
  • You can see all the details of the share you have.
  • After selling the share, it can be transferred online through Mero share using EDIS.

How to login Mero Share

  • To login Mero share, type in the browser and press enter, using the computer of mobile
  • Select your DP, fill user name (client code of Demat number) and password in the boxes.
  • After it, click the login button.
  • That’s it, now Mero share opens, you can easily view your detail or apply IPO with it.
mero share login

How to apply for IPO/FPO and Right shares

To apply for IPO / FPO or Right share from Mero share, you must first login to Mero share account. If you don’t know how to login mero share, you can see the instruction above.

  • Login Mero share using
  • Log in Mero share during the IPO / FPO or Right share opening.
  • Click on My ASBA inside the Mero share account.
  • After that, click on Apply for issue.
  • Select the company to apply and click the apply button.
  • In the next page, select the available bank account and click it.
  • Mention how many Kitta you want to apply for,
  • After filling the Kitta, the amount is filled automatically
  • Then fill in the CRN number provided by the bank
  • Then tick the box below and click the proceed button
  • After this, the code is generated in Mero share for authorization
  • Copy and paste it into the box and submit

Thats it, this is how you can apply for an IPO/FPO and Right shares through Mero Share. Isn’t it very easy. Later, you can see also result of IPO in mero share.

Don’t Have Mero share account? Follow the instruction

You can apply for shares even if you do not have my share account. But it is not as easy as my share, you have to go to the bank and apply

  • Go to the bank or capital where IPO / FPO and Right share application is open
  • Get the application form and fill it
  • Fill all the required information in the application including Demat number
  • Fill the desired amount along with the CRN number provided by the bank
  • The required amount should be available in the bank account while applying for IPO.
  • Submit the application to the concerned branch

That’s it, it’s done. But it is a little bit boring, You should have to go to the bank and fill the form. If the customer’s queue is long, it gets worse. So applying from mero share is so easy.

Mero Share Contact Number

If you have any problem or queries about Mero share account you can contact to the office or email. The office opening hours are 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday) and 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM (Friday).

Here are the contact numbers:

  • 977 1 4216068
  • 1 4240150
  • 1 4260386
  • 1 4260783
  • 1 4263301

You can email at: [email protected]