How to set PIN Code in Mero Share | Change or reset Pin (Video)

mero share pin code setup

The PIN code will be mandatory for Mero Share users. CDS & Clearing has made arrangements to use PIN codes to make Mero share account more secure. According to CDSC, the PIN code used in Mero shares will be 4 digits. Here you will know how to set 4 digit Pin code in Mero Share.

To make the user’s Mero share account more secure, the software is going to adopt a PIN system. Until now, users have been using One Time Password (OTP) when applying for public securities issuance IPO. But now there is a new rule to entry PIN code when applying for Initial Public Offering IPO, Right share through My Asba. The OTP system currently using will be discontinued once the pin code system is implemented.

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To set a 4-digit PIN, users are required to set a mandatory PIN when logging in to Mero Share for the first time. From now on, when applying for IPO issuance through Mero Share, users will have to use 4 digit PIN. If you don’t know how to setup Mero share Pin, we have instruction below.

How to set Pin Code in Mero Share

  • First go to, and press enter
  • Try to Login with your Mero share Id and Password,
  • Then If you haven’t setup Pin before, Pin Setup Page opens
  • Then Set ur new 4 digit Pin code and click the Proceed button.
  • After that, Pin Successful message displays on the right corner.
  • Pin is ready. Now You can log in to Mero share.

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How To change Pin code of Mero Share

Once you set the PIN on Mero Share, it can be changed again. The PIN is easy to change, if you don’t know how-to change, follow the instruction below.

How To change transaction Pin code of Mero Share
  • To change the PIN, log in to Mero Share
  • Then click on your profile in the upper right corner
  • Then another page opens, you can see 4 options
  • Now click on Change Transaction Pin
  • Enter the old PIN and the new PIN you want in the box
  • Now click on Change Transaction Pin button
  • That’s it, Now Your PIN code is changed, isn’t it easy…….

Forgot Transaction PIN? How to reset Pin

If you forgot the Mero Share PIN number, you can reset and recover the PIN easily. You can recover the PIN number by logging in to Mero Share account. For this, you need an email address associated with Mero Share account. After reset, your Pin will be provided in your email. Follow the instruction below to recover Forgot Transction Pin.

Forgot mero share Transaction PIN? How to reset Pin
  • Go to Change Transaction Pin Page on your profile page
  • Click on the Forgot Transaction Pin option below
  • Then a message with your email address pops up
  • Then click on the Reset option, that’s it.
  • Now you will get the PIN code via your email.
  • This way, you can easily recover the forgotted Mero Share Transaction PIN.

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