Mero Share App for Android and iOS | How to download

mero share app login page

Mero Share app is now available in the Android Play store. Android Mobiles users can install the application and use it easily. As earlier Mero share was only available for Internet Browsers on computers and mobile. Which has been used for IPO, right share and EDIS. Until now, investors have been using it. The Central Depository System (CDSC) has launched Mero Share App on Wednesday. The app is now available for public testing for the first time on Wednesday.

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Mero share app login

The New App will be tested for some time period and after successful testify, it will be open regularly for the Public to apply IPO, Right Share and EDIS. There are always network problems when using Mero Share for IPO. Because of it, The new app is also being launched to adopt technology according to the time. For the convenience of investors, the app is available for general use from Wednesday.

To Download Mero Share app, Click the link:

The new app is will include all the features of the web version. From this app, the general public can apply for primary share IPO and even EDIS can be sent easily. The developed mobile app will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. For now, the android version of app is launched, iOS version app will be available for download soon. The app can be easily downloaded and run on the mobile by going to the Android play store.

Through the app, the investor has provided services out of all the facilities in the web version of Mero Share. Portfolio service, WACC calculation, Share details, EDIS and application for primary share IPOs, right shares and more facilities available except My ASBA facility for now. CDSC has stated that in the near future, all the facilities including My ASBA will be fully operational.

Investors can feel more comfortable using the Mero Share through the app. CDSC has urged to be careful as the transactions made through the app will be official. Currently, it is only available on the Android operating system and will soon be available on the iOS operating system, according to CDSC.

To Download app, Click the link: