Mero Share App for Android and iOS | How to download

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Mero Share app is now available in the Android & iOS Play store. Mero Share most important application for the traders & investors of the Nepal Stock Exchange. Without Mero Share, no one can trade shares in Nepse, nor invest in IPO. Now Mero share is available in Android and iOS both operating systems.

Android & Apple Mobiles users can install the Mero Share on their devices easily. Now no need to open a desktop or laptop to use Mero Share in the browser. It is better to use it on a smartphone through the app.

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Earlier it was only available for Internet Browsers on computers and mobile, now the time has changed app is available. The app is used for applying IPO & right share, also it is mandatory for EDIS. Edis should be done after the share is sold. Tracking the portfolio and many other facilities are equipped with the Mero Share.

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Mero Share App for iOS

The wait is over now, Mero share App is also available for iOS users. Mero share has been released for iOS users. CDS and Clearing Limited has provided the Mero share on Apple iOS store.

Currently, users can download version 1.0.3 of Mero Share from the iOS Store. Users can use this app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so that getting the access of Mero Share account is easy.

If you are a user of Apple Phone or using the iOS system, you can download the app easily. It is completely free no need to pay. For that, you can go to the iOS app store and download it. Or you can directly download the app by clicking the download button below.

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Mero Share on Android has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times so far. Long after the launch of Mero Share for the Android version, the app has also been released in iOS version for iPhone users.

Mero Share App for Android

Mero share app is essential for traders and investors in Nepal. You can not imagine without Mero share you can buy or sell the shares. The best thing is it is available for Android users.

Android is a widely used mobile operating system in Nepal so the app was launched for android users. If you are an Android user you can easily download it in seconds.

You can go to the Android play store and download the Mero Share easily. Till date, it has 1,000,000+ downloads.

How to download

  • Go to the Android play store on smartphones.
  • Search for the MERO SHARE.
  • Once it appears, click on it.
  • Click & INSTALL the app.

To Download Mero Share, Click the link:

Importance of MERO SHARE

Mero share is the most popular Android application in NEPSE. Yes, Without it, investors cannot complete the task of trading shares in Nepse. Mero Share is available on laptops and desktops through browsers but using it is easy with an app on your phone.

NEPSE is Nepal Stock Exchange in long form. Mero share is mandatory if you want to involve in investing or trading in Nepse. With this, investors can log in to the account, check the Portfolio, apply for IPO, right share.

Similarly, Mero share is also used for WACC calculation of your shares, Share transaction details check, Share Transfer (EDIS), and CASBA facility.

All these features were available on the Mero share website before, now it is available in the application too. The best thing about the app is, that now it is available on Mobile phones and is accessible anytime anywhere.