Win Rs 5,000 Daily with Mero School ‘Play & Win’ Quiz Program

mero school nepal quiz

E-learning platform ‘Mero School‘ has come up with a new interesting scheme for its users. Mero School Nepal has announced the ‘Play and Win’ quiz. In this quiz, participants will be able to win Rs. 5,000 daily by answering 10 questions correctly.

How to participate in Quiz

To participate in this quiz, participants must have the Mero School app installed on their mobile. If the participant is a registered user of the Mero School app, he/she can log in to the app and participate in the quiz.

New users can also participate in this quiz and win Rs 5,000 daily. For that, the user should first go to the Google Play Store to download the Mero School app and install it on the mobile.

To register a new account, users can use their Google or Facebook accounts. Similarly, the account can be registered using a mobile number. After it, users can sign in and play daily quizzes in the app.

Quiz Rules

The user has to answer 10 questions correctly within the given time limit. Users who answer correctly will get a chance to win Rs 5,000 daily. In case more than one user has given the correct answer, the winner will be selected through ‘Lucky Draw’.

In this quiz, users will be asked questions related to the Mero School courses and general knowledge. You should have followed the terms and conditions of the quiz.

What is ‘Mero school

Mero School is an e-learning platform where various online courses are available. This platform has more than 10 plans with 45 courses and 8000+ videos. Mero School is a great platform for students and those who want to learn various new courses.

mero school nepal

My school has prepared videos according to the curriculum determined by the Government of Nepal. This app helps students to study their course well so it can be a good option. This is a great option for students who do not want to go for coaching and tuition to study during the epidemic of covid.

Available Courses in Mero School

On this platform, course videos from class 1 to class 12 are available. Similarly, various engineering video courses are also available. Mero School has built a platform not only for students but also for those who want to develop skills.

Video courses of Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, After Effects are also available on this platform. Technical and Fundamental analysis videos related to the Share market are also available. Similarly, different language courses are also available here.

Mero School is becoming a popular e-learning app in Nepal. This app is available in the app store in the name of Mero School Nepal. So far this app has been downloaded more than 10000+. Due to the Covid 19, this app is sure to become more popular.