Mero School App | Huge discount offers on Mero School Packages

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During the epidemic of Covid 19, Mero School has offered huge discounts on its packages. It has unveiled a new plan to provide 20% to 55% discount on its various packages. Discounts are available on all plans. Mero school has 10 plans available with 50 courses and 8846 videos till now. Students can enroll any plans with huge discounts and Study any courses, anytime for the lowest price ever.

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What is ‘Mero School’?

‘Mero School’ is a digital learning platform where you will find more than 8,000 videos based on the curriculum of the Government of Nepal.

All videos are made by skilled and experienced instructors. These videos are in animated and pictorial versions. Apart from educational courses, designing courses, language courses and other courses can also available here. Therefore, Mero school can be considered as a online-based digital school. Mero school app is also available for android users, it can downloaded from Google Play.

How is the discount offer?

The company has introduced discount scheme. With the scheme, special discounts available for the courses of class 8, 9 and 10. Under this scheme, 20% discount will be given for 3 month course, 30% discount for 6 month course and 48% discount for one year course. Students will have to pay Rs 1,899 for 3 months, Rs 3,299 for 6 months and Rs 4,999 for 1 year course throughout the scheme.

Similarly, 55% discount will be provided for the courses of civil engineering and 40% – 55% discount will be provided for various courses including electrical engineering.

Mero School App

Is Mero School app available? Yes it is available in Google Play. Android users can download app from Google Play. Students who are interested to enroll for the courses can register and start studying online with this app. This app is already installed more than 5000+ users.

Want to download this app – Click here

Why is ‘Mero School’?

Mero School is a digital learning platform that allows students to complete their courses at home in their preferred time with convenience. The whole concept and platform are developed by Asterix Technology. The platform has been made public with the slogan ‘Padhai ko Naya Funda’.

It provides various online courses including school and bachelor’s level curriculum such as Engineering, Management, science, etc. This platform provides expert instructions to find right courses for the students. Available finest teachers expert guidance will help students learn and understand courses with ease. Using this platform students can access to all the available courses 24/7 and study in their preferred time with convenience.

Due to Covid 19, students cannot attend school physically in recent time. so this platform helps students complete their courses at home with the help of expert guidance. The platform is best for those students who don’t want to go for tution and coaching centers.

How to enroll for a course?

Enrolling for a course in this platform is very simple. Now the education is in your fingertips. You can complete it in four easy steps. (1) Create an account (2)Choose desired course (3)Purchase/Enroll the Course (4)Learn at your convinence.

Create an account

You can create an account by simply signing up with your phone number, Gmail or Facebook. Interested? You can Sign up Now here.

Choose desired course

After creating an account, you can choose your desired course from all available courses. Multiple courses are available for all kind of students, you can choose your one.

Purchase or Enroll the Course

You can now purchase or enroll in your desired course plan and start your learning process.

Learn at your convinence

All courses are available for 24/7, which helps you to learn at your own preferred time with convenience.