Melina Rai – New Video ‘Jahajai Chadhera’ released | Feat. Dayahang Rai

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Singer Melina Rai – new song ‘Jahajai Chadhera’ has been released. This song shows the pain of a loving couple living apart from together. Like the song, its video is also excellent and heart touching. Dayahang Rai and Kenipa Singh Pahari have featured in the video.

Melina rai new song ‘Jahajai Chadher’ was released yesterday. The song shows the pain that every Nepali suffers when he goes apart from their family. Singer Amrit Chhetri has also accompanied Melina in the song ‘Jahajai Chadhera’ in singing. The song is written by singer Amrit Chhetri and the music is composed by himself.


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The video has a cinematograph by Buddha Thapa and edited by Vikas Dhamala. Presented by Shurshala Studios, the song has been released by Shurshala through its own official YouTube channel. Nikesh Khadka has directed the video.

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Melina Rai Song – Kasari Kasari 2

Singer Melina Rai’s other popular song is ‘Kasari Kasari 2’, lyrics and music by tanka budhathoki. The song sung by Melina with Tanka has got millions of views on YouTube. After the huge success of Kasari Kasari song, Melina and Tanka budhathoki come up with Kasari Kasari 2.

With millions of views, the video has got thousand of likes from the audience. Video has gone big hit on Youtube. Kasari Kasari song was presented by Tanka budhathoki and directed by Kabiraj gahatraj. Sunil chhetri, Ar budhathoki, Deepa and Damanta shrestha, Aayush Guragain, Anshu Guragain including Melina and tanka featured in the video.

Here you can enjoy with Melina’s Most popular – Kasari Kasari video.

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