Melina Rai & Binay Karki | Maya ma Faseki Ma | Voice of Nepal 2 ( Video)

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Voice of Nepal 2 contestant BINAY KARKI has released a new song with popular singer Melina Rai. Binay has a good musical duo with Melina Rai in the song MAYAMA FASEKI MA. Like the title, the song sounds very romantic, the video is well made. As expected Melina rai songs are always Awesome. In Voice of Nepal 2, Binay Karki had received huge appreciation from the audience for his Bhumo song. The singer hopes to get the same love in this song as well.

Model ALISHA SHARMA has featured with singer Binay Karki in this song as a romantic couple. This video was released by MMS Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Is released through the official channel. To date, the song has received around 2.5 lakh views and has been liked by more than 12,000 viewers.

The song, sung by Melina Rai along with voice contestant Binay, is presented as a romantic number. This video shows the feeling of falling in love with someone.

Written by Sabin Lama, the song is composed by singer Binay Karki himself. This song has been arranged by SAILENDRA MAN PRADHAN (BABU). The video for the song, recorded on AAROHI ENTERTAINMENT, was cinematographed and edited by PAWAN SUSLING. The video for the song has been directed and choreographed by AASHISH RAI.

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