IPO result of Mailung Khola Hydropower | 66,874 investors to get IPO

mailung khola hydropower ipo result

Did you apply for the IPO of Mailung Khola Hydropower? Waiting for the IPO result? Good news for investors. After pre allotment, IPO allotment was held on Shrawan 26, Tuesday at 9 am. Result publishes after the allotment. Mailung Khola Hydropower has issued 7,36,286 kitta of IPO from Shrawan 14 (साउन १४) to Shrawan 18 (साउन १८).

The company had sold a total of 6,68,746 IPO shares to the public. For which more than 21 lakh applicants had applied. It is confirmed that more than 20 lakh investors will be left empty-handed.

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As per the SEBON rules, since there are more applicants than IPO, allotment will be done at the rate of 10 kitta through a lucky draw. Only 66,874 investors will get IPO allotments. All other applicants will be left empty-handed.

How to check IPO results?

The IPO result publishes on Shrawan 26, Tuesday, after the final allotment of Mailung khola hydropower at 9 am. IPO result publishes by Siddhartha Capital.

Mailung khola Hydropower IPO result can be checked from 3 websites. CDSC IPO result page, Siddhartha Capital website and Mero Share website. After the IPO result, it will be published on all these websites and investors can check easily. Follow these 3 steps for IPO result.

1 ) Go to https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/ website, enter BO id and select the company and search. thats it. You will get the result.

2 ) Go to the Siddhartha capital IPO result page, select company and enter BO id number and click the CHECK button. That’s is, you will get the IPO result. Allotted or Not.

3 ) Go to the Meroshare.cdsc.com.np and check the allotment status. Go to My ASBA on left and click on Application report. You will see the allotment status, Allotted or Not.

Know More about IPO

The company had issued 736,286 shares with a face value of Rs 100 each. Of that, 14,726 shares were allotted to employees and 36,814 shares to collective investment funds.

More than 21 lakh people had applied for the Mailung Khola Hydropower IPO till the last day. A total of 2,85,41,840 kitta of IPO shares were applied from the investors.

At present, the company’s paid-up capital is Rs. 29,45,14,400. After the IPO allotment to the public, the company’s paid-up capital will reach Rs 36,81,43,000.