List of Life Insurance Companies in Nepal | With Detail Information 2021

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Are you thinking of buying an insurance policy? If so, you are looking for the best insurance company? Here is the list of all 19 Life Insurance Companies operating in Nepal.

All these companies have come into operation with the permission of Beema Samiti. Beema Samiti is the insurance regulatory authority of Nepal. All the licensed insurance companies are regulated by the Beema Samiti.

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Here we have the list of licensed Life insurance companies of Nepal with full information including address, Phone number, website address.

Life Insurance Companies in Nepal

When buying insurance, you have to choose the best company. It is beneficial to insure with a company that offers higher bonus rates and cheaper installments. There are currently 19 insurance companies in Nepal, you can compare insurance policies and find the best one.

Nepal life, Prime Life, National Life, Met life, Asian life etc are older companies and Jyoti life, Prabhu life, Citizen life, Sanima life, Mahalaxmi life are new players in the life insurance sector. As far as the bonus rate is concerned, the older and established insurance companies are offering higher bonus rates than new companies.

When it comes to higher bonus rates, everyone remembers Nepal Life Insurance Company. It is the prestigious and oldest insurance company in Nepal. Nepal Life offers bonus rates up to Rs. 82. Bonus rates are always based on Rs 1000. Older life insurance companies are offering higher bonuses than new ones.

If you are looking for Life insurance companies in Nepal with detailed information or querying about the insurance companies, here we have mentioned the list, follow the blue link (website URL) and know more.

SnCompany NameHead OfficePhone Website URL
1Rastriya Beema SansthanRamshah Path4262520
2National Life Insurance Co. LtdLazimpat4414799
3Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd
4Life Insurance Corporation Nepal
5Met Life (Alico) Insurance Co.
6Asian Life Insurance Co.
7Surya Life Insurance Co.
8Guras Life Insurance Co. Ltd Tinkune5199310
9Prime Life Insurance Co. LtdHattisar4441414
10IME Life Insurance Co. LtdLainchaur4024071
11Union Life Insurance Co. LtdNew Baneshwor4784758
12Jyoti Life Insurance Co. LtdGyaneshwor4445941
13Sun Nepal Life Insurance Co. LtdKamaladi4436126
14Reliance Life Insurance Co. LtdNew
15Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Co.
16Citizen Lie Insurance LtdTeku
17Sanima Life Insurance
18Prabhu Life Insurance Co. Ltd Kamaladi
19Mahalaxmi Life Insurance

Re-insurance Company in Nepal

There is only one registered reinsurance company in Nepal. Nepal Re-insurance Company is the only reinsurance company registered and operating in Nepal. Nepal Re-insurance Company has been providing reinsurance facilities to insurance companies in Nepal.

Insurance companies have been re-insuring their insurance policies with Nepal Reinsurance to reduce the risk. Nepal Re-Insurance (Nepal Punarbima Company) has the main objective of reinsuring the policies and playing a vital role in risk management of the Insurance companies (both life and Non-life).

Nepal Reinsurance has been established in 2003 and incorporated on 7 November 2014, under the Companies Act, 2006 of Nepal. Nepal Re was formally inaugurated on 22nd December 2014 by the Hon’ble Finance Minister Dr.Ram Sharan Mahat. It was established by thirty-two stakeholder companies including the Nepal government with paid-up capital of 5 Arba rupees.

Nepal Re is the first company to enterprise the Reinsurance Business in Nepal and contributing to the economic growth of the country. Nepal re is proving reinsurance facilities and risk management to national as well as international companies.