Is your laptop overheating? Here’s how to Fix the Problem

laptop overheating problem

Do you have a problem with your laptop overheating? Getting problems with overheating while working on a laptop? Many people may have experienced this problem. Sometimes we don’t notice but the laptop gets too hot and stops working. Like other electronic devices, laptops are also electronic devices that overheat when not working properly. If the laptop is overheated, there is a possibility of damage and even a possibility of collapse.

When working on a laptop, you should always be careful not to overheat. It is best to open, use, and close after work. Do not leave the laptop on without a reason. Never leave the laptop on in bed, the heat is not released properly, overheating occurs in a few minutes and there is a possibility of fire.

Overheating within a few minutes of turning on the laptop can be a complex problem. In such a situation, you have to work only properly. The laptop overheating problem should not be taken lightly, as it may cause serious problem or physical damage.

Why does laptop overheated? How to solve it? Keep reading, You will know here.

1. Laptop battery

Laptop batteries are the most common cause of overheating. If the laptop’s battery is not working, people will charge the laptop for a long time or they will always keep the laptop on charge at any time. Prolonged charging heats up the battery and causes the laptop to overheat. In this case, if the battery does not work well, replace it.

2. Keep the cooling fan clean

A cooling fan is placed to prevent the laptop from overheating and to keep it cool. The laptop needs to be cleaned from time to time to prevent it from overheating. When using the laptop for a long time, dust or dirt accumulates in the laptop fan which reduces the cooling power. If it is overheated, it can be assumed that the laptop cooling fan did not work well. It can be repaired or replaced to prevent the laptop from overheating.

3. Keep laptop at right place

When using a laptop, always use it in the right place. When working in the office, always keep it on the desk or table. Sometimes we are working with the laptop on our lap, on the bed or on the pillow, this is very wrong. Using it on a bed or pillow is very dangerous, even the risk of fire. Most laptops take in air from the bottom for cooling, and the back of the laptop is designed to allow air to pass through. In this case, the laptop should be kept in the right place so that hot air goes out and cold air comes in properly. So that the CPU fan gets full air so that it does not overheat.

4. Maintain the laptop

It is very important to keep the laptop clean. To prevent the laptop from getting hot when working for a long time, the laptop should be cleaned with a cloth every 2-3 days or the dust can be cleaned with the help of laptop cleaner brush. Also, delete unused and unnecessary app program video files from the laptop. Because the laptop’s memory is full, it slows down and the processor can’t work properly, which causes the laptop to overheat.

5. Use a laptop properly

If you use the laptop day and night, it will overheat. After working during the day, the laptop should be turned off. If you are taking long breaks while working, put it to sleep mode. If the laptop is turned on too many times, it gets very hot. Turn off the laptop at bedtime and after work. Leaving the laptop on unnecessarily can lead to overheating.

6. Stop using unnecessary apps

Don’t use unnecessary apps and programs. Only trusted apps and programs should be installed on the laptop. Downloading random apps and programs from unauthorized sites can damage the laptop. Such apps may be working on a laptop in the backend without you knowing. If you are using a mining app, stop it. Because it is using a laptop in the backend.