Kri Nepali Movie | Watch- Anmol KC’s Action Thriller Movie

watch Kri nepali movie

Did you watch Nepali popular movie KRI? Are you a fan of Nepali superstar Anmol KC? then keep reading, you will like this. Kri is the movie of Nepali superstar Anmol KC. One of the most popular actor of Nepal in recent times. He is the most popular actor among the Nepali young generation. Anmol KC has acted in various movies including Kri. Anmol’s most of the movies are hit on the box office.

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Anmol KC’s film Kri is an action revenge movie. The movie, which includes love, romance, and action thriller scenes. Movie was the Nepali moviegoers. But at the box office, the movie could not do as big as expected. It was a Anmol kc’s thriller-action movie. Where he acted as lover boy role too. In this movie, Aditi budhathoki has acted as a co-star of Kri. Superstar Anmol Kc has big expectations from this movie but the movie did average business on box-office.

Most awaited movie of 2018

Anmol’s movie Kri was most awaited movie of 2018. The movie has received mixed positive reviews from audience and film critics. Producer has produced film with big-budget expecting Anmol’s stardom would cash the film. Along with the chocolate role, Anmol tried to establish himself as an action hero in this film. The producer and director expected film would be a super hit, but even though the film gone average on box office, it proved to be an average movie at the box office.

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Kri nepali movie

Kri movie has the lead star cast of Anmol Kc, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Aditi Budhathoki, Kameshwor Chaurasiya, Saroj Khanal. This film was produced by Subash Giri with a budget of 3.5 crore Nepali rupees. Kri is the most expensive movie made in Nepal in the meantime. The film was directed by Surendra Poudel.

Kri Nepali Movie – Story Plot

Abhay (Anmol kc) is an army recruit. Who comes home to Nepal for vacation. During the time many girls want to get married to him, but he loves Kesar ( Aditi budhathoki) who is his childhood friend. He Still Loves kesar since his Childhood days. Abhay visits Aditi’s village and the story goes more interesting. Abhay knows her and he decides not to tell he is her childhood friend. He tries to make Kesar love with him but one day when he proposes she refuses. And tells she is in love with another guy. The story comes here very interesting that the audience gets surprised.

But later when she realized and knows the story of Abhay’s reality. She comes to Kathmandu to find her love childhood love Abhay (Lahure ), but she gets kidnapped by the villain and the story goes to climax. What happens next? The film is very interesting with a surprising end. What happen next and how the film ends?

Watch out full movie on YouTube here.