Khalti Paisa Double Offer | Double your money up to Rs 500.

Khalti has come up with a new offer to promoting digital payments. This time, Khalti has come up with a plan for its customers called ‘Khalti Paisa Double Offer’.

In this offer, the customer has to send Rs 10 to Rs 500 to their KHALTI account. The lucky 50 of them will be declared the winners and the amount equal to the amount sent by them will be added to the KHALTI account. ‘Khalti Paisa Double Offer’ scheme will run from July 1 to July 11. Under this plan, customers will have the opportunity to double the amount in 11 days.

The winner’s wallet will be credited with the same amount as the customer sent. If the customer does not win, the amount will be returned to the wallet by July 15. You can also participate today to win the paisa double offer.

What is Khalti ?

Khalti is the second-largest digital payment gateway in Nepal. After esewa, Khalti is the second leading digital payment option in Nepal. Winning the trust of millions of users, Khalti has been providing all kinds of online payment facilities from paying electricity bills to sending money to bank. Khalti has facilitated its user with online transactions easy. All banks are connected to the Khalti, you can load money via bank or khalti pasal.

How to participate in – Paisa Double offer?

Everyone with a KHALTI account can participate in this scheme. If you do not have a KHALTI, you can participate by opening a KHALTI account. Customers will have the opportunity to double their money in this scheme .

Khalti Paisa Double Offer

Participants in this scheme will have the opportunity to amount double from Rs. 10 to Rs. 500. Customers can participate and double their money using their mobile app and browser. Here’s how to double the money in this plan.

Android/webpage users

  1. Open khalti on the app or web browser.
  2. login to your Khalti account.
  3. Click on the Double Money menu in the “Khalti” dashboard
  4. Send Rs. 10 to Rs. 500 only.

IOS users

  1. Open khalti app on the ios.
  2. Login to the account.
  3. Go inside the “Khalti” market section
  4. Click on Khalti Paisa Double Offer
  5. Send Rs. 10 to Rs. 500 Only.

To open a Khalti account:

If you do not have khalti account and you want to participate in this scheme. You can create new khalti account. Follow below link to create khalti account.

After you create khalti account, you need to fill KYC form, follow below link to KYC

To Participate in this scheme or load fund to your account, follow below link

According to Khalti, some conditions will apply in this scheme. These are the conditions of the plan

Terms & Condition:

1) This scheme will be implemented from July 1 to July 11.

2) Participants must be able to verify their KYC by July 11

3) All users and agents of ‘Khalti’ can participate in this scheme

4) 50 winners will be announced on July 12. Khalti will add the same amount (maximum Rs. 500 only), the amount sent by the participants and it will be made available to your account.

5) All the participants except the winner will be refunded to their ‘Khalti’ account by July 15

6) The main objective of this scheme is to attract users towards digital payments and this campaign is not a lottery or gambling banned by the Government of Nepal. This is because the scheme has been implemented in such a way that all the participants get their money back

7) One person will be able to participate in this scheme as many times as he wants

8) The ‘Khalti’ reserves the right to change the terms of the scheme, disqualify any participant or close the scheme itself.

9) The participants will agree that the company can provide various types of market promotion information to the participants

10) The winner must have met all the conditions

If you want to participate in the scheme and you are still confused, you can contact khalti administration. For more detail information you can email in [email protected] or you can call 16600158888 / 01-5970017.