How to pay Worldlink internet bill with khalti app, get cashback

pay internet bill using khalti app

Hello friends, today we will teach you how to pay internet bills online from home using Khalti app. Internet bills can be paid online from home using a Khalti app easily. Paying internet bills from home has a double benefit, one is safe from Corona, the other is cashback.

Friends, you can use the Digital mobile wallet available in Nepal,  Esewa, Khalti, Connect IPS, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay and other wallets to pay your internet bills.

Today we are here to teach you how to pay internet bills using the Khalti app. Khalti has given 1.5% cashback when paying the Worldlink internet online. You get 1.5%  cashback every time you pay your World Link internet bill through your Khalti wallet. You also get 1.5 to 3% cashback for paying internet bills of other internet companies too.

How to create Khalti account

If you do not have a Khalti account, you can create easily with Khalti app using your mobile number.

You should have fill full name first, then your mobile number and email address. after this, you need to fill the date of birth, gender and create a strong password and submit your form.  Then you should have submitted identification proof for full feature account. That’s it done. Your khalti account will be created.

How to Pay Worldlink internet bill using Khalti app

To pay the bill, first, log in to your Khalti account, then it opens, scroll down and then click on the internet under utility payment section. Then on this page select your internet provider. I have a worldlink internet so I am clicking the worldlink.

khalti app

I already have an Khalti account so I have loaded the required money in my khalti wallet through my mobile banking to pay the internet bill. Friends, you can load money into your khalti wallet from any bank account.

Now type your username given by the internet company here and click the Get Details button. Now your detailed information opens. Scroll down and check the information. Khalti has given me 23 rupees 73 paise cashback here. This means that I have received a discount of around Rs 24 which is deposited in my Khalti account and I can use it for payment.

Friends here you can pay bills through Khalti wallet as well as mobile banking or e-banking. Now click on the pay bill button.

Now you can complete the transaction by scanning your fingerprint or entering your password. Now you are done paying your internet bill. This way you can easily pay bills from home online and also get cashback.

Just after payment, WorldLink internet has renewed our account and extended validity for 30 days. You can pay your internet bill easily from home on your fingertips using a digital wallet.

Worldlink Internet Price

Worldlink communication is Nepal’s most popular internet Provider. The company has hundreds of thousands customers around the country. It offers multiple internet plans depends on speed and prices. Here below you can view multiple plans of worldlink internet based on speed and prices.

30 Mbps (1 TV)NETTV All ChannelsSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityPrice
1 Month
Rs. 1,550/-
3 Months
Rs. 4,500/-
12 Months
Rs. 15,000/-
40 Mbps (2 TV)NETTV All ChannelsSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityPrice
1 Month
Rs. 1,850/-
3 Months
Rs. 5,450/-
12 Months
Rs. 17,500/-
60 Mbps (3 TVs)NETTV All ChannelsSafeNetTime BackWiFi MobilityCombo Price
1 Month
Rs. 2,200/-
3 Months
Rs. 6,450/-
12 Months
Rs. 22,000/-

One Time Internet Set Up Charges

Set-Up 1 Month 3 Months 12 Months
Drop Wire Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
Fiber Router Rental Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 2,000/- Rs. 1000/-
Refundable Deposit Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-