Jelly 2 | World’s Smallest 4G Android Smartphone – Review

jelly 2 micro phone

Unihertz, the company has launched the world’s smallest 4G Smartphone Jelly 2. This phone is famous for its smaller size. The phone is said to be the smallest phone in the world running on Android 10, which has a 3-inch display. The phone is an upgraded model of the previous phone Jelly.

The first model of Jelly was launched in 2017. Which has a display of 2.45 inches. After it, the company has launched the Jelly 2 smartphone as the second version. Jelly 2, listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, is a credit card-sized smartphone with 4G. The company claims that the battery life of this phone is twice as long.

Unihertz Jelly 2 specifications:

  • SoC – MediaTek Helio P60 octa-core with four Arm Cortex-A73 up 2.0 GHz and four Arm Cortex-A53 up to 2.0 GHz, Arm Mali-G72 MP3 at 800MHz,
  • System Memory – 6GB RAM
  • Storage – 128GB UFS 2.1 flash, MicroSD card slot
  • Display – 3-inch touchscreen display with 854×480 resolution
  • Camera – 16MP rear camera with autofocus and flashlight, 8MP front-facing camera
  • Audio – 3.5mm audio jack, built-in microphone, and speaker
  • Connectivity
    • 4G LTE global cellular connectivity (unlocked) + dual SIM card
    • WiFi and Bluetooth
    • NFC
  • USB – 1x USB-C OTG port
  • Misc – Programmable key, power key, infrared sensor, fingerprint scanner
  • Battery – 2,000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 95 x 49 x 16.5 mm

The company has given bigger screen size, 2x more battery life, and has also upgraded the camera and GPS sensor. The company has made this phone the size of a credit card. The phone has a 3-inch display with a resolution of 480 × 384. However, it will be difficult to type on the phone.

According to the company, even though the display is small, it is great for watching movies and playing games due to its excellent quality. The phone has a processor of MediaTek Helio P60, which is a mid-range processer and a 2000mAH battery.

The phone has both front and rear cameras. For taking selfies, there is an 8-megapixel camera on the front and a 16-megapixel rear camera on the back. For security, the company has given a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

The thickness of this phone is 16.5 mm. The phone is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Company set the super early price of $129 for the phone.

Earlier, the company has launched Jelly, Atom, Titan, Atom XL smartphones. Jelly 2 is the fifth smartphone of the company. The company claims to have shipped more than 30,000 of its smartphones to more than 70 countries.

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