Samaj Laghubitta and Liberty Energy IPO result

IPO result samaj laghubitta

Today, the IPO result of Samaj Laghubitta and Liberty Energy Company will be Published soon. Samaj Microfinance and Liberty Energy has done IPO allotment today. Both companies have issued an IPO last week, which allotted today. After some time, the result can be seen here. Samaj laghubitta had issued IPOs for 80,700 lots and Liberty Energy for 3,564,930 lots.

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Samaj Laghubitta Sanstha

The IPO allotment of Samaj Laghubitta has completed in Siddhartha Capital, the securities sales manager office. IPO allotment has taken place at 2 PM today, lucky 8070 applicants were allotted shares of Samaj Microfinance each 10 lots.

A total of 11464920 lots were applied from 547370 applicants in the laghubitta IPO. Out of this it, 539,300 applicants have not received IPO. Only 8,070 people have received ordinary share IPO at the rate of 10 lots.

Since Bhadra 4, the company had issued 86,000 ordinary shares with a face value of Rs. 100. Out of this, laghubitta had allocated 5% (1,000 shares) of the issued capital to the employees and 5 percent (4,300 shares) of the total issue to the investment funds. The remaining 80,700 IPOs were sold to the public.

The company has received 100 times more applications than demand. IPO Pre allotment has been completed yesterday at the office of Siddhartha Capital, Securities Sales Manager. IPO allotment result can be seen till today evening.

Check IPO result of Samaj laghubitta soon, click here.

Liberty Energy Company

Liberty Energy Company’s IPO allotment has taken place at 12 noon today. In the 35 lakh 64 thousand 930 lots of IPO issued by Liberty, 188 thousand 373 eligible applicants have got 10 to 40 lots of shares.

In Liberty’s IPO allotment, 94,904 applicants received 10 shares and 45,048 applicants received 20 shares. Similarly, 48 thousand 221 applicants got 30 lots. 25 thousand 620 applicants have got 40 lots of shares by adding 10 lots from by the lucky draw.

Liberty Energy IPO result Publish soon, click here