Microsoft shut down Internet Explorer after 27 years, Here is why

internet explorer shut down

Internet Browser Explorer, launched with Windows 95, has been shut down after 27 years. Until 2004, Internet Explorer was made mandatory on desktop computers to browse the internet and gained the extreme popularity.

That was a time Explorer has captured up to 95% market share and dominated the market of Internet browser. But now Explorer has the Microsoft has shut down the Explorer browser forever.

There are many reasons behind the shut down of Explorer, check it, Here is why.

Internet Explorer Launched in 1995

Microsoft launched Windows 95 for the desktop in 1995. The company also launched the web browser Internet Explorer with the operating system Windows 95.

Internet Explorer had a 95% market share by 2004. At that time, Internet users used to surf the Internet from Explorer.

Explorer Market Dominance

The Explorer browser has ruled the Internet for 27 years. Now Microsoft has finally shut down Explorer forever. Due to many issues with Explorer, it is shut down. During the release of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft said that this was the last version.

Why is Explorer Shut Down?

There are many reasons behind the Explorer Shut down. Internet Explorer could not upgrade itself in time. Its use was declining due to various technical issues and the slow speed of the browser.

At the same time, various new browsers entered the market with fast and different advanced features.

Explorer VS New Browsers

Internet users began to reduce their use of Explorer. Internet Explorer, which had a 95% stake in 2004, could not compete with Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

Due to this the market share of Explorer was decreasing even more. According to the latest data, the current market share of Internet Explorer is only 0.38%.

Google Chrome VS Explorer

Google Chrome was introduced in 2008. Since then, Google Chrome has been able to aggressively expand its market share.

There was a problem with Internet Explorer not supporting Android and iOS mobile devices. That’s why their use of Chrome was increasing. With the growing popularity of Chrome, Internet Explorer was overshadowed.

Microsoft Edge replaced Explorer

Microsoft launched the new browser Microsoft Edge in 2015 to maintain its dominance in the market. It surpassed Internet Explorer in 2019.

Internet Explorer, the operating system after Windows 10, has replaced to Microsoft Edge. Now the Windows users can use Edge for browsing the internet. Edge has replaced the Explorer and Finally, Microsoft has shut down Internet Explorer forever