Getting international missed calls on your Phone? Here is the solution

international missed called

Do you get unnecessary and unauthorized international missed calls on your Nepal Telecom mobile number? And when you call back, no one speaks but the machine answers? Yes, this kind of problem is not only facing you but also many Nepal Telecom users are facing it. After seeing such a problem, Nepal Telecom has investigated it.

Nepal Telecom (NT) has launched an investigation after receiving lots of complaints that some customers have unnecessarily missed calls on their mobiles and money is being deducted even if they do not say anything while calling back.

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Telecom has warned that such incidents could happen through an app or website on the customer’s mobile. Similarly, in the last few days, the customers of Nepal Telecom have been found to be an auto-dialing problem from their mobiles, even if the auto-dial is done, the call log is not visible on their mobile and the money is being deducted if the external call is successful.

Telecom has stated that such unauthorized international missed calls are not usually made from the company’s equipment. The company says Such unauthorized calls may have been made through an app and website installed on the customer’s mobile phone. The investigation is underway in this regard, the telecom said.

How to Avoid unnecessary calls

Nepal Telecom has urged customers to be careful to avoid unauthorized and unnecessary calls. If such problems are seen in the mobile phone, not to install unnecessary and suspicious apps on the phone. And if already this kind of suspicious app is installed, immediately remove it from the phone, Nepal Telecom has requested all customers.

In addition, Nepal Telecom has requested to use the locking code provided to open the ISD service when needed and to use the option to shut down the service when not needed.