Instagram accounts under 16 goes automatically private


Social media platform Instagram has automatically privatized new accounts for users under the age of 16. According to this, only approved followers will be able to see, like and comment on the posts made by such users on Instagram.

Accounts for younger users were tested to make them private by default. In this process, only 20% of users have stated that they want to make their accountant public on Instagram.

Only users under the age of 16 who open a new account on Instagram will be automatically privatized for now. Older and younger users will be sent a message explaining the benefits of having a private accountant.

According to Instagram, the new app is targeted at users under the age of 13.

Facebook says, ‘It is real that underage children have also come online. It is not possible to completely stop people from entering social media by lying about their age. We’re designing a new app that will be managed by the same users ‘parents.’

However, Instagram said it was developing artificial intelligence technology to remove the accounts of underage users.