Latest Nepali Movies for free – How to use Iflix in Nepal

iflix nepal videos

Do you watch movies online? If yes, then you must know about Iflix? iflix is one of the popular movie streaming site in Nepal. Video Streaming Platform Iflix in Nepal is most popular video demand site, which has free and paid subscriptions available.

Subscribers can watch free movies easily, need to pay subscription fee for vip access on the site. Vip access on this site cost, subscription fee of Rs 300. Vip users can watch unlimited movies without break and download it for later. Iflix video on demand service which distributes movies, TV shows, music videos including Iflix originals.

Iflix latest Nepali movies

Video-on-demand Iflix offers its services worldwide, it is also available in Nepal. Iflix is currently serving 13 countries across Asia including Nepal. Giant video streaming company iflix has teamed up with more than 150 studios to provide their unique TV Shows and Series. 

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What is iflix ?

Iflix is the Most popular video-on-demand Platform, which is available in Nepal. Thousand of Hollywood and Bollywood Hd Movies, TV shows, Iflix originals including standup comedy, pranks much more available in this platform. Iflix is Malaysia based video streaming company, which has free and paid subscriptions both available. Video streaming app iflix has downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide, Which shows it’s popularity.

Internet TV iflix lets its users watch popular HD movies, TV shows, music videos and original series on their smartphones and other devices like laptops, tablets or TV anytime, anywhere. Iflix has a huge online library of popular HD movies including Nepali movies and other video contents.

Iflix has added more interesting content like short movies, TV serials, Story Yellers and originals in recent days, which is attracting more Nepali audiences. Users can choose any of the content to watch video on their devices with the availability of data or wifi connectivity.

Iflix shows advertisements for movie watchers for free. For paid VIP users won’t need to see advertisements or breaks. Occasionally, iflix provides vip access for limit time for first time sign up. If you want to get VIP access and watch new movies without break, you can buy a monthly subscription of Rs 300 and watch movies anytime.

Iflix in Nepal is now one of the most popular android applications among movie lovers. Iflix has an Android and iOS apps available for smartphones and tablets. You can even watch the movie of your choice by typing Iflix directly on the browser on your computer. Any time you can browse it and you can play any movie and TV shows on your demand.

How to use iflix service in Nepal?

Iflix can be accessed with data or wifi availability anywhere and anytime. Simply you can turn on your wifi and browse iflix on your desktop by typing and watch movies or tv shows on your demand. Android or ios user can access iflix with data and wifi both. First, installing an app from play store and creating an account using signup and done. Not clear? learn How to use iflix service in detail is down below.

For Desktop or Laptop user

  • First, go browser and type
  • Register with your Name, email address.
  • You can play free movies directly, but
  • For Vip access you need to pay monthly fee of Rs 300.
  • Payment can be done by cards.

For Smartphone or Tablet user

  • First, go to Playstore to install Iflix App for Android or iOS.
  • Open Iflix app and Register with your Name, email address with mobile number.
  • Once registration process done, you can access iflix app and watch movies using app.